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Thursday, March 31, 2011

People gambling on the street

Here is a photograph of a group of people gambling. They are playing cards for money on the streets. The picture was taken near a railway station and some of these people are street urchins. They seem to living on the streets as they had their belongings like clothes and utensils nearby.

people gambling on streets

Another photograph of a group of men playing cards on the street. They appear to be waiting drivers.

men gambling on the street

Litter and garbage on the rail tracks

Here are pictures of filthy railway tracks in India. People use the toilet at railway stations and also throw garbage outside the train window and railway platforms. Railway personnel are also guilty of this at times.

This photo is taken at Mumbai Central Station, just before the train arrived. There is slime and muck here besides litter like empty cartons and paper waste.

filth on rail track

This pic is taken at a suburban railway station. The railway track is full of litter. Waste paper and plastic.
litter on railway line

The following photo was posted later, and taken in July 2015, near V.T. station. It does appear as if commuters dirtying the tracks is not enough. Households next to the railway lines used the tracks as a garbage dump!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zurich city - bridges, river, people and buildings

These are photographs of Zurich city, the largest city in Switzerland and the financial center.

The photograph below offers a wide view of some of the major buildings near the Limmat river. The Grossmünster church can be seen to the right of the image. It has two spires and a red steeple at the back. To the left of the image are two clock towers. The shorter one is the largest church clock face in Europe. It belongs to St. Peter's church, an old church built in the 8th or 9th century. The green steeple belongs to the Fraumünster church, another major church in Zurich.
panoramic view of zurich

The next two photos are closer views of the same area. You can see boats parked and covered with blue tarpaulin on the river Limmat. There is a small boathouse next to them.
view of Limmat river and boats

This photo is of a bridge across the Limmat river in Zurich. Most major sights are located near the river. Churches and bridges and shops.
bridge across the Limmat river

This is a beautiful picture of Limmat river and a bridge. A motor cycle and a scooter are parked on the bridge. In the background you can see pastel coloured apartment blocks and a close up of the famous St. Peter's church clock tower.
bridge and houses in Zurich

This is the entrance to the Frauminister church. In the background you can see the residential buildings, nor more than 4-5 stories high. Most buildings in Zurich are short, part of the city planning. They are also fairly close to one another.

buildings on Zurich street

This is a view from another side of the river. The church towers can be seen in the background. In the foreground there are cars and a taxi which have halted at the red light. Two pedestrians are walking near the traffic signal.

road traffic signal and cars in Zurich

The Paradeplatz is a famous Square in Zurich, and there is also a major tram stop  here.  The Fraumünster church can be seen in the background.

Square and tram stop in Zurich

A quiet tree-lined street in Zurich. Some shops can be seen on the pavement to the left. Tram lines are also visible.
quiet Zurich street and shops

A sleek phone booth in Zurich, very close to the tourist bus-stop and a hotel.
Zurich phone booth

Here are the smart women of Zurich, walking down a street, near the main Paradeplatz Square. There is a small outdoor cafe to the left of the image. A young woman in the foreground is riding a kiddie scooter and carrying a bouquet of flowers. A faster alternative to walking.
young women in Zurich

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

People smoking in China, Switzerland, France and India

These are photos of men smoking, young and old.

The first one is of a young man in China. He is standing at a shopping centre or mall, and enjoying his smoke. He seems to be concerned with style, the way he is holding his cigarette between his teeth. China has 300 million smokers and the latest news is that China is planning to ban public smoking at indoor public places, similar to this one.
chinese man smoking

This one is of an elderly man on a bridge in Zurich, Switzerland. He is lighting his cigarette. This photograph was taken in October 2009, seven months  before the ban on smoking in public places took effect in Switzerland.
old swiss guy smoking

This photo is of a man smoking in the city of Paris. He sure seems to be addicted, because he cannot stop himself even as he is packing something on his scooter.

parisian smoking

Here is an image of an Indian man on a horse smoking beedi or bidi, in Matheran, India. A beedi is a thin cigarette. Tobacco is wrapped in a leaf, and it is cheap and commonly smoked in India. It delivers more poisonous substances than other types of cigarettes.
man on horse smoking

This smoker is a Rajneeshi (devotee of Rajneesh, a self-styled Godman) and he is smoking while walking down a road near the Rajneesh Ashram. He is wearing the maroon/orange robes which are commonly worn by Rajneeshis.
Rajneeshi Smoker

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Women Destitutes and Beggars

These are pictures of old and elderly women who are beggars. They are destitutes, probably abandoned by their family.

This woman was seen outside the Pan Chakki, a tourist site in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. She could barely see.
old beggar outside tourist site

This old woman in a pink shawl was begging for alms outside MacDonald's, a fast-food restaurant near the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. She was squinting at us from behind her thick spectacles and had a slightly puzzled expression on her face.
old beggar woman outside MacDonalds

This is a close-up of the same woman. Her leathery and wrinkled face did not show any emotion as I took her picture. 
closeup of old woman beggar

A destitute woman eating roti on the streets of Puducherry in Tamil Nadu.
destitute eating on pavement

This elderly woman was on a suburban railway station bridge begging for alms. A one rupee coin is in the tin in front of her. In the background is a two-wheeler parking lot. The woman had a cynical and mistrustful expression on her face although she did not object to me taking the photo.
elderly woman beggar on railway bridge

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Xian Dance Opera

This is a Dance Opera at Xian, in China, that many tourists go to. It is usually part of the tour. This Chinese Opera performance is very entertaining with superb dancers. It's a Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show with a lot of dancing and singing in it. The sets are elaborate, colorful and exotic.

This first photograph is of a couple which introduces us to the show. All actors wear traditional Chinese clothes. Silken robes, ornaments and crowns.

couple on Opera stage

The dancing white figures make a pretty picture and the audience is mesmerized. The stage is bathed in a white and blue light giving this effect.

dancing at the Opera

traditional dance at the Chinese Opera

chinese dancers at the Opera

During the short break, it's time for dinner.

audience at the Chinese Opera

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Howrah Bridge of Kolkata Photographs and Sketch

Here are some photographs of Howrah bridge or Rabindra Setu, over the river Hooghly in Kolkata.  The bridge is an icon of Kolkata and links the city of Howrah to Kolkata. It is a cantilever bridge completed in 1943, at the tail end of British Rule in India, by an English company.

In this image the Howrah Bridge can be seen from the side with the sky as the background and the Hooghly river as the foreground. A few boats/schooners can be seen under and around the bridge.
howrah bridge side view

This depicts the bridge from a slight angle. A large schooner can be glimpsed to the right of the picture.
howrah bridge with schooner on river hooghly

This picture was taken in the evening, and the sky looks pink. The Howrah bridge is in the centre of the image and the river Hooghly forms the foreground of the image. A small canoe can be seen on the river.
howrah bridge in the evening

Another clear image of the Howrah Bridge over the river Hooghly.
howrah bridge against blue sky

Here is a sketch of the old Hooghly bridge and the river with a boat and canoes.
howrah bridge sketch

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Airport tarmac and aircraft on runaway

These are photos of airports from the inside. The airport tarmac, runaways, utility vehicles, jetty bridges, aeroplanes as well as people working there are visible in the photos. The pics were shot at different airports - Chennai, Bangkok and Hyderabad. All were taken from inside the aircraft, through the window.

The first few pictures were shot at Chennai airport. This one has the wing of the aircraft in the foreground and in the background you can see fuel tanks, a Jet Airways aircraft, aircraft boarding staircase, and airport buses with passengers. Officials are standing near the aircraft boarding staircase which is attached to the plane.

planes on tarmac

This is a similar photograph, with a Kingfisher airlines flight standing by. There is an airport passenger bus with airport officials. There is an airport passenger bus with airport officials. The wing of the aircraft forms the foreground of the image. In the background is the Chennai airport building.

airport building with aircraft on tarmac

This is a close up of some of the buildings at the airport. An airplane hangar, several airplane boarding staircases and some parked airport buses can be seen.

aircraft hangar with buses

In this photo you can see an aerobridge attached to a Jet Airways airplane. This is an enclosed movable tunnel-like structure leading from the airport terminal building to the inside of an airplane. Passengers can board the aircraft directly, without going outside. This tunnel or passage is also called a jetway, loading bridge, airbridge, air jetty, passenger walkway or passenger loading bridge.

aircraft with boarding bridge

This is the tarmac of Hyderabad's new airport. Some Air India planes can be seen on the tarmac. The photograph was shot at dusk from an airplane window.

tarmac of Hydrabad's new airport

This photo is of the airport tarmac at Bangkok. A part of the airport building can be seen in the background. A few planes are standing by.

bangkok airport tarmac

This picture was shot from the aircraft window as the plane was landing Bangkok. You can see the parts of the machinery underneath the wing exposed. These flaps usually open up when the plane is landing to reduce the speed of the aircraft.

taking off from airport

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wild Zebras in Ruaha National Park Tanzania

Here are some high resolution photographs of zebras in the wild alongwith a sketch of a lone zebra. The photos are fairly good, but even larger versions are available with me. The scenes were shot in Tanzania. The jungle was teeming with wildlife. It was called Ruaha, a Tanzanian national park.

This photo is of a lone zebra standing in a background of sparse foliage in the forest. It seems unafraid of humans. More curious than afraid.

single zebra amidst foliage

We could go up pretty close to him in the jungle and all he did was stare. Zebras are not cute, but still quite beautiful.
lone zebra foliage background

The minute we walked up to them, they turned and stared. All happy, well-fed zebras in the jungle. The thick green foliage offered sufficient food for them.

wild zebras in jungle

Here are some zebras alongwith a deer herd, and it looks like the deer and the zebras are good friends.
zebras with deer in national park

Here is a sketch of a zebra.

zebra sketch

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shanghai skyscraper sketches and silhouette

Here are some sketches of skyscrapers in Shanghai and a silhouette of the Shanghai skyline. The first one is a cluster of skyscrapers with a bridge, a road and traffic in the foreground.

shanghai skycrapers sketch

This is the sketch of the Shanghai skyline, based on a photo shot from the Shanghai Bund.

shanghai skyline sketch

This is a silhouette of the Shanghai skyline. The picture outlines the majestic skyscrapers of Shanghai.

shanghai skyline

The picture below is the same as above, but an unfinished version. Please do not use this one. The only reason I have not deleted it is because it keeps coming up in google search results!

shanghai buildings silhouette

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