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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Processed Juices in India

Here are some images of fruit juices in tetrapacks. These juices are available in India. The brands seen in these pictures are Tropicana, Real Activ and Saint fruit juices, and these do not contain sugar. Prices of juices without added sugar range from Rs 65/- to Rs 85/. All these juices are reconstituted and are not fresh fruit juices.

fruit juices packs

Here are some pictures of juices in tetrapacks which are not sugar-free. Safal, Leh Berry and Real all have added sugar. The Real Activ brand has no sugar. All these are available in India and prices range from Rs 45/- to Rs 65/-
juices in tetrapacks

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Dams in India Photographs

These are a few photographs of small dams in Maharashtra. The first two are of the Dhom Dam at Wai.

wai dam long shot

wai dam closeup

I cannot pinpoint the location of this dam, but it is near Mumbai, possibly Kamshet. The dam can seen in the foreground and the setting sun in the background.

small dam at sunset

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Political Posters

Indian political leaders are not satisfied with birthday cards and personal wishes. They deface our cities as is evident in the photographs below. They don't care that the educated public sneers at them. They know they will get the votes from the uneducated.

Here is a political poster made for the Congress President Sonia Gandhi, a woman who is the Congress President because of her marriage to a man who became Prime Minister because his mother was, and she in turn because her father was. The political culture in India is a sick one, and these posters highlight it. Is it surprising that one of Sonia Gandhi's "loyalists" Suresh Kalmadi (now been arrested for corruption) is the front leader in wishing her happy birthday? He must have been behind this venture as those who wish their leaders happy birthday can get their faces plastered on the illegal hoardings if they wish.

sonia gandhi poster

This ugly poster is wishing the Union Minister Sharad Pawar (a man whom many people believe to be corrupt) a happy birthday. Our cities are not pretty, but these posters make them look ugly.

sharad pawar poster

This photograph of a billboard at Thane Check naka has been added later, and was taken in July 2014. While the hoarding place may be legal, it is the ridiculous message that makes one double over with laughter!! Big Boss?? How do these politicians take such labels seriously? If they do, it is clear that they have lost touch with the common man. The common man is laughing at them, ridiculing them.

political bill board

Other parties are not far behind. Here is a poster (plastered on almost every pole on that particular road) wishing Uddhav Thackeray (son of the Shiv Sena Chief) a happy birthday.

shiv sena poster

Look at this one, for a BJP leader, Gopinath Munde. How proud he must feel!

BJP poster

This one is for an NCP corporator, Madhukar Mukadam. It doesn't matter if you are small fish because a poster like this elevates you, at least as high as the flyover.

NCP poster

Birthdays are not the only occasion. The politicians do not fail to use God for their nefarious design in defacing the city. This one is ostensibly welcoming the devotees of Lord Ganesh to the city! But two other faces are also on the poster, sharing the space with the Gods! Mostly small fries in the political arena.

Welcoming devotees poster

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inside of a metro or local train or subway

Here are photographs of the inside of a suburban train in Mumbai. The last photograph is of the inside of a metro or suburban railway in South Korea.

This is a ladies compartment in a Mumbai local train, one of the new trains. The picture was clicked with a cell phone.

ladies compartment in metro

This picture was taken in the men's compartment of a crowded local in Mumbai.  The photograph has been taken over the heads of people and depicts the hands clutching the steel handles. This is also one of the new trains of the suburban section.
men's compartment in crowded local

Here is a glimpse of a Mumbai local from the outside. As is the norm, people hang out of the compartment as it is crowded, with not enough space to sit. Note how the windows are completely barricaded with steel mesh. This is to prevent people from throwing stones at commuters. Slum-dwellers who live on the tracks do it. People get injured if they are standing at the exits.

crowds around exit in metro

This is a subway in South Korea. It is not too crowded although people are standing. Both men and women travel in the same compartment as molestation is rare even if the trains are crowded.

metro in South Korea

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hanuman Temple

Here are photographs of a brightly painted Hanuman Temple on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway. It has a gigantic statue of Hanuman outside the temple. Hanuman is a Hindu deity, and a major character in the Indian epic Ramayana. He is a disciple of Lord Sri Rama and fights with him against the  demon king Ravana. He is so revered that He is worshipped in Hinduism and has temples (Hanuman Mandirs) devoted solely to Him.

This view is from the side and the intricately painted statue of Hanuman and the steeple of the temple are clearly seen. To the right of the image there are two pairs of bells which are part and parcel of every Hindu Temple.
Hanuman Mandir

This is a view from the front. A small part of the highway and bushes can be seen in the foreground.
Hanuman temple

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Photographs of children studying outdoors

Here are some photos of poor children studying. Due to lack of space indoors they study outdoors or away from their homes. In this picture a girl is sitting outside in the courtyard of her little house with her books.
girl studying outdoors

This photograph is taken outside a school during the exams. A teenage boy is revising some points that he has jotted down on a piece of paper.
teenage boy studying

The next two photographs are taken at Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Mahatma Gandhi's memorial. Poor children often come to this quiet and peaceful location to study. In this picture a boy is sitting on the lawn pouring over his books. In the background are some picnickers.
boy studying on lawn

Here is another boy studying on the lawns of the ashram, in the serene and green surroundings. To the right of the image is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
boy studying in ashram

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cobwebs or Spiderwebs

A photograph of this very large spider's web in rural Maharashtra. I was surprised to see the clarity of the image despite the finely woven web. You can see an insect, probably a fly, trapped at the centre and to the right there seems to be a shadow which looks like the spider himself. I have a much larger photograph of this image with me and in that the web looks even better.

spiders web

A large round spider web in the jungles of Gir, in Gujarat, India. The foot appears to be in the centre of the web. The threads of the web are thicker, and thus better visible to the camera.

white spider web

These pictures of cobwebs or spiderwebs are taken in the Matheran forest. These are thicker, almost like translucent fabric. Spider silk is very strong and said to be stronger than steel (if one compares by weight) and is also very elastic. These photos were shot on a cell phone.

thick cobweb on ground

thick spiderweb near tree in forest

spiderweb between branches of trees

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paduka or Guru's feet

This is a photo of the paduka or feet of a saint. This marble depiction of a saint's feet can be seen at the base of a tree on busy Laxmi road in Pune. Such depictions (of different gurus) are common throughout India. In Hindu culture and religion, padukas or the guru's feet are significant, and people venerate them when they venerate a particular Guru, whether it is Sai Baba or any other. You can read more about it here.

paduka or guru's feet

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Expressions of irritation, annoyance and anger

These are sketches of people's expressions showing irritation and annoyance and suppressed anger. Each one of them is based on an actual photograph taken on the streets.

This one is of an elderly woman with an annoyed expression on her face. She was crossing the road and it was the traffic she was frowning at. Her brows are crinkled and her mouth turned down.
annoyed expression

This woman was quarreling with another woman, some sort of argument was going on. She was frowning heavily, her brows furrowed and saying something.
angry woman

This man was being threatened by someone on the street but was standing his ground. The thrust of his lip and furrowed brows showed the tenseness of his expression. He was being forced to back down but was unhappy about it. He looks sullen.
sullen man

This man was standing by himself and frowning at no one in particular. His expression was more like a person disgruntled with life.
disgruntled man

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adivasi Dancers from Matheran

These are photographs of villagers (tribals or adivasis) dancing a tribal dance. It is not a fancy stage show, but an informal performance with the dancers in their daily clothes. They sing along with the dance and the music is played by one of their own, with a wind instrument and drums. The songs are folk songs about daily village life. The dances are vigorous and the movements very fast indeed, difficult to capture from an ordinary camera. There were young people dancing along with older ones.

The dancers are all male, and that is the difference from how it is in real life. In actuality both men and women dance.

adivasi dancers from Matheran

adivasi dancers

tribal dancers

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

London train station, platform and trains

Here are some photographs of St Pancras station in London from where the Eurostar leaves for Paris. There are pictures of trains, passengers and platforms as well.

The first picture is of a waiting area at the Pancras station. Passengers are standing around waiting for their trains.

Pancras station London

This is a platform with a train where passengers have disembarked. They are walking with their luggage to the exit.
railway station platform

Here are two sleek looking red and yellow trains. A few passengers with luggage are waiting to board the train.
trains on platform in London

This is the inside of the Eurostar. Passengers can be seen inside the compartment of the train. Inside these trains it is very comfortable and spacious, and usually not crowded.
inside of a train

This is the worst seat you can get in the Eurostar as there is no view. Sad for  tourists as they take a train from London to Paris to do some sight-seeing on the way.
seat inside a train

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Scenes of different beaches

These are beach scenes from Goa and Puducherry, and can be used as backgrounds. All these beaches are unique in their own way, with different colours of sand.

This photograph is of a Goa beach with golden brown sands and light blue sea. The sky is cloudy. The background comprises of a small hill with vegetation.
goa beach

This picture is another Goa beach, shot near the Taj Holiday village. In the foreground are the golden sands and in the background an abandoned ship. The sands are ingrained with footprints of people. A small dingy can be seen to the left of the image.
goa beach and ship

Another scene from Goa, shot at dusk.
evening beach scene

These silver white sands belong to a beach in Puducherry. The blue sky is the background. A beautiful shot showing the wide expanse of the soft sand. In the background tiny figures of people can be seen walking on the beach.

puducherry beach

This is more like a beach road with rocks between it and the sea. Tourists use it to stroll around and it's a place where people congregate in the evenings. It is located in the city of Pondicherry.
beach road puducherry

This one is called Ruby beach on the outskirts of Puducherry. The photograph is taken from the parking lot and the sands are not clearly visible.
Ruby beach outside Pondicherry

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Women construction workers in India

Women construction workers in India work as hard as the men in rough conditions.

In this image you can see the construction workers taking a break from work. Construction and building material is lying around them.
construction workers on site

Here is a tribal woman watering the cement during the concretisation of a road in Pune. Other women workers can be seen in the background.
woman watering cement on concrete road

Here is a picture of a young woman carrying a heap of stones to a construction site. A woman helped her heave up the heavy load on to a metal basket on her head.
young woman construction worker carrying stones

These women were shot in a small town called Vikramgad with a population of about 4000 people. These are tribal women carrying construction material.
women construction workers

The same construction site with both men and women workers. The women work in harsh conditions, like the men. The temperatures are high, the work hard, and there is little rest.
men and women at construction site

construction workers on site

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