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Monday, January 31, 2011

Marine Drive Mumbai - Photographs and Sketches

Here are some of my favourite photographs of Marine Drive, Mumbai. Marine Drive is easily the most famous road in Mumbai, India. It is in South Mumbai, one of the plushest areas of the city where real estate prices are very high. Marine Drive has residential buildings, hotels, restaurants as well as commercial establishments and suburban railways stations.

This first photograph was shot from the terrace of NCPA in Mumbai and gives you an overview of the road.
overview of Marine Drive

The image below, shot at night from a cell-phone, will give you an idea as to why this beautiful road is called the "Queen's necklace." The row of lights shining in a curve makes it look like a diamond studded necklace with a cluster of diamonds at the pendant. As the photograph was of a low resolution, I tried to fix it, and it can  perhaps be used for the web in a small size.
marine drive at night

The photo below was shot from atop a flyover overlooking Marine Drive. It shows you the wide road and pavements, the cruising traffic and the old residential buildings that line Marine Drive. In the distance, in the top right hand corner, you can see the Air India building (the large white building), the two structures of the Oberoi Hotel to its left, and the NCPA building next to it.
Marine Drive view from flyover

The two pictures below are also shot from the flyover, from different angles. They give you a better view of the broad sidewalk and the people walking on it. Many people sit on the ledge in the evenings. Even at night the place is thronging with people. Marine Drive lines the sea and is one of the few open spaces left for people to come for some fresh air and a view of the sea.
Marine Drive and pavement view

A few taxis wait for business.

Marine Drive in South Mumbai

The image below gives you a closer look at the buildings mentioned above.
Close-up of Marine Drive Mumbai

The picture below is shot from the other side and gives a clear view of the broad pavement of Marine Drive and the high-rise buildings of Worli, a commercial area in Mumbai. To the right of the photo is are the old residential buildings of Marine Drive. The Marine Drive pavement was re-furbished and renovated a couple of years ago.
Marine Drive with a view of Worli

In this last photograph the angle is a little wonky, but I still liked the photo as it has life. It captures Marine Drive, the people as well as the sea.
Marine Drive and the sea

This last image is a sketch of Marine Drive, Mumbai. There is a tree to the left of the drawing, and Marine Drive is in the centre, curving towards the right. The buildings of Nariman Point are at the end, where the road ends. People on the pavement are walking and sitting and chatting. The sea is to the right of the pic.

Another sketch of Marine Drive, from another angle.

(I have added a watermark to some of the sketches here. If you need them for commercial use, write to me and I will provide the originals).

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The River Nile

Here are four images of the river Nile and its large body of water. This river is considered to be the longest river in the world and flows northwards through Sudan and Egypt and ends at the Mediterranean Sea. It originates partly in equatorial East Africa and partly in Ethiopia. Most cities in Egypt are near the Nile banks, and so were all the ancient settlements.

These photographs have been shot in Egypt while on a river cruise. The first picture is a close-up of the waters of the Nile. The river is seen disappearing into the distance. It is a bright day and the glare makes the sky seem white and bright.
river nile vast expanse

This picture was shot a little later in the day and the river looks calm and serene. The waters seem to reflect the exact color of the sky. A small section of the bank of the Nile is visible to the right of the picture.
river nile and bank

This picture was also shot in the evening. The left of the image has the Nile bank. The vast expanse of the waters can be seen here.

river nile distance

This picture shows the river curving towards the left. I liked the composition of this picture as well as the contrast between the yellow bank on the left and the green belt to the right.

River Nile curving

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Smoking hookah on the streets of Cairo

Here is a picture of several men in traditional dress smoking hookah in Egypt.

men smoking hookah in Cairo

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coolies from a Mumbai Railway Platform

Here are a few photograph of coolies on a Mumbai platform. The first photo shows them sitting on the staircase waiting for the train to pull in. One coolie is standing and starting straight at the camera.

coolies waiting for business

The second picture shows a man negotiating a rate with a coolie. Although the rates are more or less fixed, negotiation goes on.

coolies speaking with customer

This third picture shows four coolies relaxing on a hand-pulled cart which they use to ferry luggage.
coolies sitting on a hand cart on platform

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Pictures of the Mumbai Marathon

The Mumbai Marathon is an international road running competition which takes place in Mumbai, India, each January. These are a few pictures of the even held in January 2011. It's getting more and more crowded every year. In 2011 almost 3000 people ran the full marathon and 11,000 the half-marathon. Registrations start in July the previous year and the places are booked within a few weeks.

The first photograph has the background of a blue sky and the iconic Mumbai Municipality building in the centre of the image. A small part of CST railway station is also visible to the right of the photo. The foreground has a bunch of youngsters holding placards and enjoying every minute of the marathon.

mumbai marathon youngsters placards

Another photo of the runners near CST station.

mumbai marathoners with balloons

This is a photograph of the marathoners on Marine Drive.

mumbai marathon runners on marine drive

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi quotes

These are photographs of some quotes and sayings of Mahatma Gandhi which have been framed and kept in Gandhidham, the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmedabad.

The first two quotes demonstrate the broad-minded thinking of Mahatma Gandhi and his understanding of human nature. This wise quotation says
This world is inhabited by all kinds of people. They are isolated by land and water, religion, customs, habits. The minds and hearts of these people are much alike. Under sudden or stressed emotions, they blossom forth or explode in riots, fights, dance, song, prayer. At such times they become one mind, one heart. And the world vibrates with the intensity of their feelings, emotions, anger, laughter.

Gandhi quote image

It is not surprising that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi help fight apartheid in South Africa. He loved all humanity and that is clear in this wise saying:
I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. 
Gandhi quote photo

The quote below shows us his belief in true democracy and his cynicism about western democracy. If he were alive today he would have something bitter to say about the state of Indian democracy as today Indian democracy is not functioning as Gandhi envisioned:
My notion of democracy is that under it the weakest should have the same opportunity as the strongest...No country in the world today shows any but patronising regard for the weak....Western democracy as it functions today, is diluted fascism...True democracy cannot be worked by twenty men sitting at the centre. It has to be worked from below by the people of the village.

gandhi quote on democracy

The saying of Mahatma Gandhi's wife Kasturba aptly shows the thinking and position of women in the early twentieth century. Even though women had a lower status than men it is interesting what they actually thought of the men.
Our men are fighting the government for the sake of truth. We must encourage them in this fight. We must bear bravely whatever harassment the government may subject us to...The boycott of alcohol and foreign clothes is a task that women have to do. Men are not blessed with the kind of common sense that we have for  we understand the language of sorrow better than men.
kasturba gandhi quote

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Bhel, an Indian Snack

These are two photographs of a savoury Indian snack, made out of sev (fried made out of lentils) and murmure (puffed rice) and mixed with sweet and sour chutney. It is served with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander.

The first image is a cut-out of a plate of Bhel.
 cut-out of bhel plate

The second one is also a cut-out, but of two plates of bhel, one with a plastic spoon, and served on a red plastic tray.
 Bhel served on a tray

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kailashnath Temple at Ellora - Photos

Kailashnath Temple is the largest and most awesome of all the temples at Ellora.  Built in the 8th century at Ellora, near Aurangabad, in Maharashtra, it is one of the world's largest monolithic structures. It is named after the abode of Lord Shiva, whose abode is Mount Kailash. It "covers an area double the size of Parthenon in Athens...The construction of this cave was a feat of human genius – it entailed removal of 200,000 tonnes of rock, and took 100 years to complete. "

The temple is an example of the Rashtrakuta architecture and Dravidian Art. It is double storeyed, with carved roofs and pillars, and large statues and frescoes. It is a Hindu cave although Ellora has Buddhist and Jain caves as well.

In this first view you can see the overview of the temple and the massive rock face it has been carved out of. The tiny people give you a perspective on the sheer size of the rock-cut temple. But don't go by the front view. The temple stretches backwards and inwards, and is longer than it is broad and you will see that in the following photos.

view of Kailashnath Temple

As we get closer we see the carved and sculptured rock, the face of the temple. Yet, we cannot imagine what lies beyond.

Kailash temple Ellora

It's only as one enters that we see the depth of the temple. The spectacle is amazing! To think that all of it was hewn out one piece of rock! Again, the tiny tourists give you an idea about the size of the temple.

inside view of Kailashnath Temple

The image below gives you a closer look at the carved stone temple. The designs, patterns and frescoes are clearly visible in the image.

carved stone temple of Kailashnath

The two photographs below show the remnants of the paint on the stone walls of the temple. The temple was fully painted, but now most of the paint has worn off from this ancient temple.

Kailashnath temple walls at Ellora

You can see the fading colours of the ancient temple of Kailashnath.

stone wall with faded paint at Kailashnath

The temple has several sculptures of lions and elephants. In Hinduism animals are considered on par with humans. They are not thought to be inferior. The image below is the view you get immediately to the left of the entrance.

elephant sculpture at Kailashnath Temple

Below is a close-up of the stone frescoes on one of the walls of the Kailashnath Temple at Ellora. An ornately carved pillar is to the left of the photo.

ornate carved stone wall at Kailashnath

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiananmen Square in China

These are a few photographs of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. This square is the largest city square in the world, but more important it has a historical significance. Many important events have taken place here as it has been used as a meeting place ever since it was made. At one end of it lies the Forbidden City, the palace of the Emperors of China.

tiananment square with tourists

The photo below is a little over exposed, but it's a sharp image. It was clicked with a SLR Canon, not digital.
tiananmen square and monument

This monument is a tribute the country's heroes.

monument at Tiananmen square

The photo below is of a few policemen who appear to be taking photographs of themselves at Tiananmen Square. As this square is usually swarming with police one is not sure whether they were on duty or not.
police at Tiananmen

This last photograph is of Tiananmen Square at night. In the daytime the square is packed with tourists and it's difficult to get a clear photo.
Tiananmen square at night

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Sketches of high-rise apartments

Here are some sketches of high rise buildings in Mumbai, apartment complexes. The first illustration is of a building in Mumbai and the other is on Palm Beach Road, near Thane-Belapur. A traffic light can be seen in the foreground as well as a tree which covers the lower half of the building.

high-rise apartment sketch

The pencil sketch below is of a series of high-rise apartments on Palm Beach Road which is one of the good roads in the city of Vashi.

high rise apartments sketch

The last sketch is a depiction of Worli, which has many skyscrapers, some of which are residential. It is the city's thriving business district, more so than Nariman Point.
worli skyscrapers

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nature headers of a lake-side

Here are free panoramic nature scenes of a lake-side which can be used for headers for blogs. All of the photographs are a canvas of three pictures each and are high resolution photos.

As all nature lovers know, the very stillness of nature is enchanting. In the photo below, it's dusk, and not a hint of breeze. There's no lush green vegetation, in fact just dry brush. Yet, the beauty of the scene takes one's breath away.

lake scene header

The second photograph offers a glimpse of the hills through the dry branches of a tree. In the foreground are some green plants and inbetween, a field.
hills through trees scene

The next two photos are of a small lake in Kamshet at different times of the day. The first one is at dusk. The light is dull and one can see the lake disappearing into the distance into the hills.
lake and hills scenery

In this last panorama the light is brighter and the yellowness of the dry ground gives the picture a good colour. The water of the lake is clear, with the hills reflected in it.
lake hill view

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Plastic Pollution

These are two pictures of the forty feet deep moat at Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad. Qhat we saw from the bridge was sad. Empty and used plastic water bottles thrown carelessly over the bridge into the moss ridden waters. Clearly the upkeep of the Fort is wanting, and as for civic sense of the public, the less said the better.

empty plastic bottles on water

The water looks murky and dirty as well. It's actually solidified with the thickness of the moss. The bottles cannot be said to be floating as the moss makes the water appear solid.
plastic pollution

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Children playing without toys

Children can play without toys because they have an imagination. These are some photographs shot of little children making do with whatever little they had.

In the first photo, taken in South Mumbai, these small boy is fiddling with a plastic container which holds razor blades. Even though I was standing right before him he was oblivious to my presence, so absorbed was he in what he was doing. No jigsaw puzzles for him!
small boy examining plastic thingie

The photograph below was taken in a small village near Mumbai. This group of children is sitting on the dry grass, playing with sticks. Certainly better than toy guns!
children playing with sticks in rural India

This little boy, photographed in Mumbai, has found something in a pile of mud and garbage he is fascinated by.  His sister looks on.
toddler finds something in garbage

The little boy and girls below have nothing to play with except themselves and a small balloon. They are sitting on a hand-cart on the streets of Ahmedabad.
girls playing with balloon

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