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Friday, March 30, 2012

Laptop Sketches

Simple black and white sketches of a laptop. One with white screen and the other two with a black screen. Open laptop cutout sketches
black and white laptop sketch against a white background

sketch of laptop against a white background

This laptop sketch has some wires coming out of it, for the battery and for other accessories like a mouse and hard disk. Black and white laptop sketch against a white background

cut out of black and white laptop sketch

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yaks in Ladakh

Yaks are long haired and the coat is thick to protect them from the cold. It is a type of bovine found in the Himalayas and also in the high altitude regions of Mongolia and Russia. Yaks are heavier than cattle, and have short legs. They have been domesticated. In the wild they are herd animals and the wild yaks are an endangered species.

The yaks in these photos are domesticated animals used to ferry tourists. The pictures are short in Ladakh. This first one is a white coloured yak.
white shaggy yak in Ladakh

This is a long haired black yak with a saddle for riding.
black hairy yak in Ladakh

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Lake in Ladakh - Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso is a lake in the Himalayas and these are views of the lake from Ladakh in India. It borders not just India  but also Tibet and China. It freezes in winder although it is saline water. Apparently there is no aquatic life here although presence of  birds is seen. A number of migratory birds come here to nest.

These are photographs of the lake with blue skies as the background. The mountains are silhouetted against the sky and the blue waters of the lake are in the foreground. The first picture can be used as a header, as it is a stitched picture of two images, giving a panoramic view of Pangong Tso lake.

panoramic view of Ladakh lake

Snow-capped mountains can be seen in the background. A rough stony lake bank.
snow topped mountains behind ladakh lake

The water is so clear that the pebbles on the river bed are visible. Gray pebbles.
clear blue waters of ladakh lake

In this picture of the Ladakh lake the is a lone motorcyclist riding on the banks of the lake.
ladakh lake and its banks

This is a serene nature scene. The waters of the lake are still. This area is very serene and still
still waters of the Pangong Tso lake

(Larger images of these photos are available with me)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

A shop which repairs typewriters!

Yes such repair shops still exist! This one is in the heart of Pune city, in Sadashiv Peth, one of the older ares in the city.

typewriter repair shop in Pune, India

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos of the mountains of Ladakh

These are photographs of the mountains in Ladakh, which is a region in Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost state in India. This region has the Kunlun mountain range to its north and the Himalayas to the south of it. Large tracts of Ladakh are a high-altitude desert  but there is vegetation near its lakes and areas where it snows and ofcourse man-made vegetation. 

green mountains of Ladakh

You can see a road snaking its way across the blue mountains.
small road in the mountains of Ladakh in India

A closer look at the slopes of Ladakh. The sparse vegetation on the mountains makes their surface rocky and hard. There is hardly any grass or water nearby.
bare slopes of the mountains of Ladakh

Some snow-topped mountains in Ladakh with a foreground of trees.
snow capped mountains of Ladakh in India

The dusty bare brown mountains of Ladakh. The terrain can be quite harsh.
dusty harsh landscape of the Ladakh mountains

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Monday, March 19, 2012

How to make paan in pictures

Paan is made of different flavourings inside a rolled betel leaf. These flavourings consist of  finely chopped betel nut, slaked lime paste and saffron, spices and gulkand are used. This is considered "a breath freshener, and for better digestion. 

This picture shows a man lathering a paste on to the betel leaf with his hand.

man making paan

It can be a little messy doing it by one's hand.

close-up of a man flavouring a paan

A brush can be used too, for hygienic purposes.

man making paan using a brush

Chopped supari or betel nut alongwith condiments and spices is put on the leaf.

paan maker adding spices to a betel nut leaf

The paan is being rolled up to serve customers.

the paan is ready after being rolled

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Indian Sweets or Mithai

These are pictures of Indian sweets. A close up of the milk based sweets garnished with silver foil and nuts.
milk based Indian sweets

These are also typical Indian sweets or barfi or mithai, made with milk and garnished with nuts like almonds.
mithai made from milk and garnished with almonds

A close up of the milk based mithai with silver foil which is often used as decoration. Nuts are also used.
Indian sweets made from milk and garnished with nuts and silver foil

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IIM Ahmedabad Pictures - IIMA

Here are photographs of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)

This is the facade of the IIMA building in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. In the foreground are its green laws and the background has the light blue sky.
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad building

This is a close up of a part of the IIM building with some students at the window.
IIMA building closeup

A photographs of the entrance steps and the building of IIMA.
main entrance of IIMA

This shot shows a banner put up on the IIMA building announcing that the Placements for 2012 were on.
IIMA placements 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Aerial view of Khopoli town in the western ghats of Maharashtra

Here is a panoramic bird's eye view or aerial view of the small town of Khopoli at the base of the Sahyadri mountains of the Deccan in West India. Khopoli is an industrial town in Maharashtra, India, and at the bottom of the Sahyadri mountains, nestled deeply in the mountains and lies on the way from Mumbai to Pune. It has a population of less than 1 lakh. 
Here you can see the beautiful blue sky and the lush green hills as they look during the monsoons. The picture was shot in 2012.
ghat panorama

A view of Khopoli on a different day with heavy clouds during the monsoons. The next two pictures were shot in 2008.
khopoli bird's eye view

A longer shot of Khopoli and the mountains surround this little village.
long shot aerial view of Khopoli

Another, closer view of Khopoli, taken in the summer when the hills around were not green, shot in the summer of 2011.
aerial view of Khopoli town

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Man with camera silhouette and Sketch

Here is a silhouette of the face and head of a man holding a camera. He is looking through the lens and foccusing.
silhouette of a man with camera

This is a sketch or simple line drawing of a man looking through the lens of a digital camera.
sketch of man with camera

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colorful geometric backgrounds

Here are some eclectic background colours for use on blogs and websites. The files are light, but the designs striking. They are in different sizes so you might have to re-size them to fit your requirements.

Luminous blue branches against a black background.

background of blue luminous electric brances

Thin strands of multi-coloured wires falling like rain on the earth. Browns, reds, oranges with a bit of green and yellow thrown in. All earthy colors almost like wiry colourful hair.
background of multi-coloured wiry hair in earthy colors

A colourful background with a woven effects with reflections and colors of red, green, blue and yellow.
background blanket woven with earthy colours

Golden pillars of light with the blur effect.
gold pillars background blurred

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Monday, March 5, 2012

London Eye Sketches, Silhouettes and Illustrations

These are sketches, silhouettes and illustrations of the modern monument in London in the United Kingdom - the London Eye. The landmark structure gives you a bird-eye view of London from all directions for around 40 kms and it's quite fun actually. This Ferris wheel is on the banks of the River Thames and almost 500 feet high. It's the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, and gives a panoramic view of London as it spins in slow motion.

The large ferris wheel has many capsules which carry people and the first sketch is a close-up of one such capsule and each capsule weighs 10 tonnes and can accommodate at least 20 people. The total number of capsules are 32, elegantly designed.

sketch of London Eye capsule

This is the sketch of the actual giant wheel with the capsules perched on it. A hit with tourists.
sketch of London Eyee ferris wheel

A silhouette of the London Eye with a turbulent sky in the background and the dark buildings etched ominously against the cloudy sky. The London Eye monument looks quite interesting in silhouette.
silhouette of the London Eye against a cloudy dark sky

A silhouette cum illustration of the modern London Eye monument in London.
illustration of the iconic London Eye

A black silhouette of a famous London landmark: The London Eye from where you can see the whole of London as you go up the great wheel.
black and white silhouette of the giant ferris wheel called London Eye

(These images are based on the photographs of London Eye)

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Metallic Alien Monsters

These are photographs of aliens and predator Art. These metallic pieces were on sale in a shop on the island of Koh Sumai in Thailand. There were a lot of metallic art inside the shop but photography was not allowed.
metal predator

This metallic monster lookssomething like the alien from the movie "Predator"
metallic alien