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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wild Zebras in Ruaha National Park Tanzania

Here are some high resolution photographs of zebras in the wild alongwith a sketch of a lone zebra. The photos are fairly good, but even larger versions are available with me. The scenes were shot in Tanzania. The jungle was teeming with wildlife. It was called Ruaha, a Tanzanian national park.

This photo is of a lone zebra standing in a background of sparse foliage in the forest. It seems unafraid of humans. More curious than afraid.

single zebra amidst foliage

We could go up pretty close to him in the jungle and all he did was stare. Zebras are not cute, but still quite beautiful.
lone zebra foliage background

The minute we walked up to them, they turned and stared. All happy, well-fed zebras in the jungle. The thick green foliage offered sufficient food for them.

wild zebras in jungle

Here are some zebras alongwith a deer herd, and it looks like the deer and the zebras are good friends.
zebras with deer in national park

Here is a sketch of a zebra.

zebra sketch

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