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Friday, March 11, 2011

Urban women workers carrying loads on their heads

Loads are carried by women in India, whether they live in rural India or urban India. These are a few photographs of women carrying loads of different kinds in Urban India. Baskets and buckets to stones and sticks.

In this photograph I spotted two women arguing about something in Pune city. An elderly woman who is probably a customer and a woman who is a bhandiwali. Women who sell utensils and often exhange them for old clothes.

women selling utensils on road

This young woman was walking with buckets for sale, in Thane, India. The buckets were somehow hanging on her via some strings or ropes. This picture was shot on a cell phone.
young woman carrying plastic buckets for sale

These are women construction workers carrying mud or stones to a construction site near the Mumbai-Pune highway. They are probably from a village who have come to Mumbai to eke out a living.
women construction workers carrying loads

This is a photograph taken in Pune in the Kothrud area. It is a woman with a small metal basket (which is often used to carry cement) on her head. I am not sure whether the man is with her or not.
woman with metal basket

These are two women carrying branches of trees for firewood, on the Mumbai-Pune highway.
women carrying firewood in city

This photograph was shot in the small town of Vapi, in Gujarat, India.

woman with basket on head

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  1. Bhandiwala women collects used clothes door to door from Mumbai, really amazing environment friendly solution for textile and fashion industry. They are promoting reuse repair and Reintroduce old clothes to needy people since Six decades. We should support this community and motivate them to develop this trade and improve their standard of living.


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