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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Political campaigning in India

Campaigning in elections in India is pretty hectic and these are two photographs of groups of BJP party workers campaigning in Delhi in March 2014.

A group of party workers crammed into an open jeep with a BJP flag.

pollitical party workers campaigning

People busy on their cell phones. Including the driver of the vehicle. I guess that is allowed for political workers!

BJP party workers

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A minute in the life of a street kid

These pictures capture about sixty seconds in the life of a street child, a little girl who was engrossed in a small plastic paper packet. Sixty seconds is the time the light took to turn red.

This cute little girl with a very poignant face gave us a quick glance as the car halted, but otherwise she was least interested.

Street kid

She was more interested in rummaging through a paper packet and we were curious as to what she was doing.

Street kid on Indian street

She seems to be threading something. Maybe a necklace?

poor little girl

She has threaded a pendant into a thick black thread and seems quite thrilled with her achievement,

Girl on street

Here she is, examining the pendant closely. She appears to love it! Small pleasures!

Street child

She is back to rummaging in the packet. And the little shiny pendant can now be seen clearly.

Street child playing

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Truck Passengers!

Here are a group of people riding atop a truck, quite a common sight in India.

People riding atop a truck

Another man riding on top of a truck, perhaps to hold the planks of wood.

Man on truck

Cyclist holding a tempo or Chagda in Gujarat
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ashoka Pipal Tamarind and Banyan Bonsai Plants

The intricate exposed roots of this bonsai of the Banyan tree are a treat to the eye. Curving, convoluted, it takes a lot of effort to make them take this shape!

Bonsai roots

With effort the leaves of bonsai plants also become smaller as seen in this photograph. One has to cut the leaves in half if they are too large.

Bonsai small leaves

Askoka Trees can go grow very tall, unless they are bonsai plants! This Ashoka Bonsai is small and cute!

Ashoka Bonsai

An elegant leaning piece of art of the Tamarind Tree. An exquisite bonsai creation.

Tamarind Bonsai

Bonsai of the Pipal Tree.

Pipal bonsai

Note: All these plants are from the bonsai garden of Maj Gen. SCN Jatar and are his creations.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stupid and funny advertisements

Some advertising is not just stupid and senseless, it is so stupid that it makes one laugh.
This one for example! Can anyone be so blatantly stupid? Saw this silly hoarding somewhere near Mahabaleshwar or Panchgani a few years back. This Sherbaug theme park still exists but I am sure not because of their stupid advertising.

Bad Billboard

This billboard or hoarding spoils the natural surroundings with its ugliness but that's not all. What do melons have to do with Pan Masala? The flavours they claim are of kesar and elaichi so I don't see the connection with water melons. Pan Masala is neither watery, nor fresh. Misleading advertising! In any case, this poisonous substance is banned now.

Pan Masala hoarding

Global Obesity Warning this poster (which advertises the services of an obesity consellor one presumes) in Chennai says. Makes no sense at all. At best, it's funny.

Obesity advertisement

This hoarding may not be stupid, but it is certainly strange. Babies drink coffee? And why is the baby with the moustache? It was actually very funny because it made no sense! Or maybe it was because I did not understand the copy, which was in Tamil.

coffee hoarding

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Small Church in South India

This is a small church in South India. You can see the cultural integration here. Rangoli at the doorsteps. Colourful. It is a Mother Mary church.

Mother Mary Church

A small statue of Mother Mary inside the church. The interiors of the church are as colourful as the outside.

Mother Mary small statue

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Indian priests from Kerala

These are photographs of a Hindu priests in Kerala, inside of the temple premises.
In the first image there is an old man sitting quietly outside the temple with a younger man. A cell phone hangs around his neck, along with the rudraksha bead necklace (the holy beads used in prayer). Interesting how technology and religion have come together!

old Indian priest with cell phone

Another photograph of the duo, sitting quietly outside the temple sanctum. The younger man is busy with his cell phone.

Kerala priest

A temple priest is fixing the bronze diya which is usually lighted up as part of the Hindu rituals.

Temple priest

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