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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Old and elderly women in India

These are photographs of old and elderly women photographed on the streets of India. None of these women were seen begging. It is known that the poor elderly have a difficult time in India, often abandoned by their families because of poverty.

This portrait of an old woman was shot in the forest of Matheran. The picture was shot on a cell phone, a Sony Ericksson which has a decent camera function. The woman's eyes seem clouded, perhaps with cataract. She could barely see. Her skin was leathery, her hair uncombed and a piece of cloth over her head protected her from the sun on the hills of Matheran. She was wandering about alone, looking for firewood. She was not a beggar, nor a destitute, just poor.

portrait of an old woman

This picture was taken in a town in North India. The woman seems partially dressed and poor, but she was not begging, but she was possibly a beggar or destitute.

This photograph was taken in Puducherry in South India. The woman was resting on the streets and was probably a poor saleswoman.
saleswoman from south india

The photograph below is part of a larger photograph. The old woman villager is resting in the shade of a vegetable cart, to protect herself from the harsh sun of Rajasthan. She is wearing a large nose-ring. Her large and chunky jewellery is very much part of the traditional dress amongst tribals in that region.
elderly rajasthani woman

This photograph juxtaposes women from two different backgrounds. Taken in a busy cloth market in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it shows a middle-class woman looking at the wares in the cloth shop. A poor scraggly woman passes her by, shivering in the cold winter of Ahmedabad.
rich and poor elderly woman compared

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hong Kong Skyscrapers

These are photographs of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

This is a photograph taken at dusk and you can see Hong Kong buildings silhouetted against the dull  sky.
hong kong skyline at dusk

In this picture you can see the tall skycrapers of Hong Kong in the foreground and in the distance too. There is a bay inbetween. These look like residential buildings mostly.
bunch of skyscrapers in hong kong

A photograph of the Hong Kong skyline.
hong kong skyline

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Small Retailers in India

Small retailers or what can be called Mom and Pop Stores or Kirana stores are the life of retail in India. They dot the country, in small towns, villages and cities. They are of all shapes and sizes, catering to the rich, the middle class as well as the poor. They create entrepreneurship opportunities for the common man. They are to be found at every corner in most cities, walking distance from residential localities.

These are a row of shops in a crowded streets. They often call themselves "General Stores" and by that they mean that generally everything of daily use can be found here! This means goods ranging from food grains and processed foods to stationary items. These are not self-help shops but have several people behind the counter who offer immediate service.
shops on a crowded street

This is what the inside of a general store can look like. It can be crowded inside, and impossible to step in. The shop-keeper is the only one who can find what you want! These are often called kirana shops.
cluttered kirana store

This is a small store which calls itself a supermarket, catering to the middle-classes. In a way it is although it is cramped and crowded inside because it is a self-help store which stocks daily-use items.

small supermarket

Another small store calling itself a "convenience mart" for the better-off.
convenience store

This shop is a general store or kirana shop. It sells the same thing but is located in a poorer locality. Goods may not be always genuine (adulterated?) but they are certainly cheap.
small kirana store in a poor locality

A small general store in a poor locality.
small shop

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pune Municipal Corporation Buses

These are photographs of the old PMT buses (Pune Municipal Transport now known as the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd or PMPML). This is the public transport service provider for the city of Pune and Pune Metropolitan region. The service is inefficient and inadequate. These are the old models of the buses although you still see them many have been replaced by newer ones. However frequency of the buses is wanting.

These photos have been shot near at the Swargate crossing in Pune, which is a major bus hub. Commuters can be seen in the windows of the bus.

line of PMT buses at traffic light

PMT buses behind one another

This is a new bus of the Pune Municipal Corporation, one with the new name as well. The driver of the government bus can be seen as well as a commuter at the window.

bus pune municipal corporation

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Women in Burkhas - Silhouettes

These are silhouettes of Muslim women in burkhas.

This image is of three women walking briskly, clad in burkhas or burqas. The woman on the left is not in full burkha. Her face is left uncovered.
silhouettes of three women in burqas

Here you can see two Burkha clad women with their husbands, all silhouettes. The men are sitting down and their wives are standing in front of them. One of my favourite pictures.
silhouetted muslim women with husbands

A half figure of a burkha-clad Muslim woman. Her full face and body is covered, except for her eyes.
burkha silhouette

This one is a slightly different version. The Muslim woman with the burkha but her full figure is shown here in the graceful dark robes.

burkha woman in silhouette

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gandhian principles explained by the Wheel of Life

The word "Wheel" is associated with Mahatma Gandhi as he used the spinning wheel as a symbol of freedom (from British Rule). A Wheel of Life exists in Buddhism as well, said to be made by Buddha himself.  The Wheel of Life depicted here has nothing to do with any religion, whether Buddhism or Hinduism. It simply stands for Gandhian principles and the Gandhian way of life. It tells us about Gandhism in a nutshell.

The wheel explains what it means to be a Gandhian with Truth or Satya and Non-violence or Ahimsa at the core of existence. Love, Strength, Food and Knowledge are in the circle after that, next importance. Subjects which are important after these basic ones are Sociology, the Art of Teaching, Health, and Economics. After these basic values, one has to give importance to larger societal issues like Cleanliness and Hygeine, a Casteless Society, Mother Tongue, Upliftment of Women, Equality, Village Development, Service to Harijans, and  Nai Talim which can loosely be translated as 'Basic Education for all.' However for a more holistic meaning try the wiki.

The use of Khadi is also given importance although it is not relevant today. It was more important during British Rule when Indians were forced to buy cloth made in England. Hindi propagation is also given importance, and this was considered important by Gandhi to unite the nation at that time. This is less relevant today as people have realised that adoption of Hindi can lead to giving less importance to one's own mother tongue, although not many Hindi speakers share this view.

Interestingly service to Harijans and other castes has been clubbed with upliftment of women. Women have been considered the lowest caste in India, unworthy of equal treatment to men.

This has been put up in Gandhidham, Ahmedabad, where the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram is. I have changed the colors of the background as the original framed picture was rusty and discoloured.
Gandhian principles in the Wheel of Life

Please click on the picture to see a bigger image of the Wheel of Life.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travelers or men with bags

These silhouettes of men travelers are based on photographs taken at an airport. All are silhouettes of a man with a bag or a back pack. Men or all ages and shapes with  bags. Some of these travellers are in a hurry to reach their airplane, another man is sauntering around the airport, and still others have their suitcases already checked in.

This is a silhouette of young man sauntering along with a backpack at an airport.
silhouette of man with backpack

A silhouette of another another young man, barely in his early twenties striding towards the aircraft. In this right hand he is carrying some leaflets or brochure and a bag is hanging loosely from his hands, its strap touching the floor.

silhouette of young man with bag at airport

A silhouette of an Asian middle-aged man walking at the airport.
Asian man  with bag at airport silhouette

A silhouette of a young man in casual clothes walking with a backpack at the airport.
young man with backpack silhouette

A silhouette of an older man dressed in a jacket and tight pants and pointed shoes, carrying a backpack.
silhouette of older man in formal clothes with bag

Silhouette of a man walking at the airport with a backpack and briefcase. He is wearing a jacket.
silhouette of man wearing jacket with backpack and briefcase

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Two-wheeler rush at petrol pump

At times there are queues at petrol stations, specially when it is known that the petrol price is going up...or there is a strike by petrol pumps or delivery trucks. During rush hour petrol stations are usually crowded anyway, with several two-wheelers standing neck to neck.

queue at petrol station

Petrol has become expensive and you can see it on the face of this motor cycle rider as he counts his change.

motor bike rider paying cash for gas

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Dollar Notes - Free Images

These are photographs of American dollar notes or American currency against a white background. The first photograph shows two hundred United States Dollars (100 USD) alongwith a fifty dollar note (50 USD). Cut-out against a white background.

united states dollar notes

This is the photograph of the hundred dollar notes and the fifty dollar note from the back.
us dollar notes

This is a series of one dollar notes. One United States Dollars (1USD)

american one dollar notes

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inexpensive shopping in Bangkok

Indra Market in Bangkok, Thailand, is a good place to buy goods at a reasonable rates. Value for money. Good garments at a cheap price and lots of variety and low prices. Stylish clothes, shoes and costume jewellery. If you are anywhere near Indra Square don't miss this market!

This is the exterior of Indra Square.

Indra Square in Bangkok

A peek inside the market. The shop-keepers are polite.
inside Indra Market in Bangkok, Thailand

The MBK market or mall is talked about a lot, but we were disappointed. Not only is it full of fake goods, the goods are defective in many cases. Worse, the shopkeepers are rude. We were witness to several fights, started by the shop-keepers themselves. MBK, though conveniently located, is a market to avoid unless you are ready to ignore rude and indifferent behavior. But why do that when Bangkok has so many good markets! Mind you this behavior is not because of bargaining of otherwise interacting with the shop-keepers. They just yell at you if you touch any of their goods. Or sit on a stool outside their shop because your feet are killing you. Or if you are lucky, they just completely ignore you if you ask them the price of anything! We sure were glad to leave that place and never will we ever go their again!

This is the interior of the MBK market.

inside mbk market in Bangkok, Thailand

A corridor at the market. Go to this market if you are desperate for fakes but beware, the fakes are so badly tailored that they won't last long so its not value for  money.
mbk market in bangkok, thailand

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Palm Plantations of Malaysia

Malaysia the second largest producer of palm oil in the world and the world's second largest exporter of palm oil. More than 60 percent of the palm oil is exported. The Malaysian economy is heavily dependent on the palm oil production. 

These photos were shot through the double glass window of an airplane.

Here you can see how widespread the palm plantations are. Almost every available land space is taken up by the palm trees.
palm plantations malaysia aerial view

The palm plantations are everywhere, stretching from end to end.
palm plantations of malaysia wide expanse

Another look into the distance, a binocular view.  The palm plantations are enclosed in a circle against a black background.
palm plantations binocular view

This photograph was taken through the glass window of a moving car. A close-up of the palm trees.
palm plantations close-up
(larger versions of all these photos are available with me)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pork Steak

This is a photograph of a mouth-watering chunk of cooked pork meat or pork steak. A large piece of roasted pork, looking golden and richly flavoured. In the background the fires of the kitchen oven are burning adding to the warmth of the picture. Slivers of pork have been cut from the browned pork steak.

roasted pork steak

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Photographs of brown and black bees

Typically, bees are seen to be hairy and fuzzy with yellow and black stripes, but they can also be dark brown, black or even a metallic green and blue, with stripes of many colors. These photographs are of a black bee with brown wings on a spider lily flower seen in the rain forest of Malaysia.

bee on spider lily

This is the same photograph made into a coloured illustration, on photoshop.
bee illustration

Illustration of a black and brown bee on a white flower.
colored illustration of a bee on flower

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Canopy Walk in the Tamen Nagera Rain Forest

The 45 meters high and 510 meters long walkway is the longest canopy walk in the world. It is in a place called Tamen Negara in Malaysia's thick rain forest. As you walk across the forest canopy you are actually walking along the top of the trees, and can the rich and diverse flora and fauna. However as they do not encourage you to stop along the way, not even to take photos, stopping to view is not so easy. Besides stopping can also result in you losing your balance and if you do, the canopy swings or you can trip. It is quite safe though due to the high ropes.The canopy walk is closed in the rainy season which is in winter.

The canopy winds its way across the trees and one gets a feel of what monkeys feel like as they hop across from tree to tree! A distance of at least 10 metres has to be kept between each person walking along the canopy in case the canopy swings.
canopy in the forest

Here is part of the long canopy. There are several sections, some long, some short, some steep.
malaysian rain forest cannopy

Here you can see how narrow the actual path is. A little to the left or the right and the canopy swings wildly. Most people are able to keep their balance though and it is a cakewalk for children!
closeup of forest canopy

This is where the canopy walk becomes a ladder! Its fun!
steep forest canopy

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flyover construction

Everywhere one goes there is contruction going on in India. Flyovers, bridges, buildings and roads. It gets messy and difficult to move around. One hopes that this frantic construction activity of a nation being built ends soon and we get spanking new cities!

Here is an earth mover or a type of construction crane below a flyover bridge, picking up heavy construction material like rocks and stones. 

crane at work

This is an image of a flyover being built in Mumbai.

flyover bridge being built

This photograph is not strictly of a flyover construction, although it is of a type of bridge between the sea and the land, called a sea link. This one connects Worli and Bandra in Mumbai. This photograph was taken from a spot near Dadar beach and shows the sea link being constructed. It was taken during the sunset and you can get a picturesque view.

sea-link during construction

A closer look at the Bandra-Worli sea-link when it was being constructed and this view is from the bridge itself. The authorities had opened up one side while construction was still on.

sealink bridge under construction

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