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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sand backgrounds for blogs and designers

These are close-up pictures taken on a beach and they can be used as backgrounds for different purposes. Larger versions are available with me. Closer up the grains of sand look like miniature pebbles. Each of the sand grains in the photograph below are very very tiny and from the height of a person each grain is not visible. This photo was taken barely a few inches from the ground.

grains of sand

This is a slightly rough sand and from your height the separate grains of sand will be visible although not clearly. This photograph is also a close-up and you can see the different colours clearly in this one. The sand pebbles are transluscent, and the colors range from black and different shades of gray to different shades of brown to white and even yellow.
close-up of sand

This is another version of the same sandy beach.
sand grains on a beach

A part of the beach where the finer grains and larger pebbles mix to form a kaleidoscopic of stony colors. Small pieces of broken shells also form a part of the sand.
close-up of sands

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