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Friday, November 11, 2011

Canopy Walk in the Tamen Nagera Rain Forest

The 45 meters high and 510 meters long walkway is the longest canopy walk in the world. It is in a place called Tamen Negara in Malaysia's thick rain forest. As you walk across the forest canopy you are actually walking along the top of the trees, and can the rich and diverse flora and fauna. However as they do not encourage you to stop along the way, not even to take photos, stopping to view is not so easy. Besides stopping can also result in you losing your balance and if you do, the canopy swings or you can trip. It is quite safe though due to the high ropes.The canopy walk is closed in the rainy season which is in winter.

The canopy winds its way across the trees and one gets a feel of what monkeys feel like as they hop across from tree to tree! A distance of at least 10 metres has to be kept between each person walking along the canopy in case the canopy swings.
canopy in the forest

Here is part of the long canopy. There are several sections, some long, some short, some steep.
malaysian rain forest cannopy

Here you can see how narrow the actual path is. A little to the left or the right and the canopy swings wildly. Most people are able to keep their balance though and it is a cakewalk for children!
closeup of forest canopy

This is where the canopy walk becomes a ladder! Its fun!
steep forest canopy

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