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Friday, August 31, 2012

Green caterpillar images

These are photographs of a green caterpillar found in Pune. I had never seen such a large fat caterpillar before and that too with a cute little yellow tail! Nor one with such huge alien-like eyes. It explained to me the genesis of the alien features found in so many SF movies!

Here it is with its head curved like an elephant's trunk. Made me wonder if it was an elephant hawk moth caterpillar but am not sure because there were no similar pictures on the net. This one was gooey and slimy and had a small yellow tail and a big head an stumps for legs.

long fat green caterpillar with huge eyes

Another view of the caterpillar, it's profile. The huge eyes on a fat head and long shiny body.

side view of large fat green caterpillar

This is another angle and I have tweaked the photo a bit and this picture explains the various fictional aliens that we see in movies! At least their heads. Looks almost unreal.

painting of long green fat caterpillar

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bangalore Airport Pictures

Images of Bangalore Airport. In this one you can see the various airline counters and people in a queue outside them. A woman is talking on a cell phone and has a baggage trolley.

airline check-in counters at Bangalore airport

In the background you can see the Departure Lounge of the Bangalore airport and in the foreground crowds of people waiting to get in or eating at the different restaurants there.
Bangalore airport

Another view of the area just outside the main building of Bangalore airport. People with luggage trolleys and people sitting at restaurant tables.
main building at Bangalore airport

A woman sweeper at Bangalore airport
sweeper at Bangalore airport

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sistine Chapel floor designs

This is some beautiful tile work at the Sistine Chapel giving the impression of paintings. The tile bits are tiny and cannot be seen easily with the naked eye. Different coloured tiles were used to make varied designs and giving the effect of a painting. 
It was difficult to get clean images of the floor areas due to the number of people milling about. 

A combination of 3 images (vertical and horizontal)mainly to keep people out of the picture. Animals obviously had an important role to play in Roman times and this is reflected in the art. Here you can see the tile paintings of warriors, horses and some half humans and half animals amidst geometrical and floral designs.  The tiny tiles used to make the image can be seen at the bottom of the picture. 

Greens, blues and reds are predominant in this piece of art.
sistine chapel floor design

A close took at a gigantic urn in the middle of the marble tiled painting. It is sitting in the centre of a large geometric design with colours of red and green. This looks different from the large urn in the image above but that could be because of the lighting.

huge urn in sistine chapel

This is a close-up of the same marble flooring design as above, made up of tiny tiles. The design appears to be telling a mythological story as it has several half human half animals, called Centaurs. Centaurs are common mythological figures.
sistine chapel tile art

Deep blues and ochre and yellows are used to make a striking design. It almost seems like some sort of royal emblem.
sistine chapel floor art

This picture is a combination of at least 3 images. Not only is the area too vast to appear in a single shot, the contant stream of people blocking the view makes it difficult to get a clear shot. The top left hand corner and the bottom right hand corner have been painted a gray to fill in the blanks. At the bottom of the image some of the tiles have deteriorated. This picture has a picture of an angel (?) and also astrological symbols of the sun, the moon and the stars. This is circled by geometric designs. The figures of a man holding up the round design appears to symbolize the globe being held up by man on four sides.
sistine chapel floor painting

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sugarcane juice vendors

Photographs of sugarcane juice vendors. Fresh sugarcane juice is a popular juice in India and India is the second largest producer of sugarcane after Brazil. At one time this freshly squeezed juice was the most popular beverage on Indian streets, popular not just because of its nutritious value but also because of its low price. About a decade ago every street corner had a sugarcane juice stall  but today these stalls have reduced in number. However you can still see them in plenty in the crowded inner city areas.

This one is a shot from Goa and this boy vendor has a four-wheeled cart on which he has a machine which does the squeezing of the sugarcane juice. Long sticks of sugarcane can be seen on the cart alongwith the sugarcane juice vending machine.  This juice is very sweet and has a low glycemic index and has 84 calories for every 100 gms of juice. No fat, no cholesterol and is rich. in anti-oxidants. A great source of energy as it is mostly carbohydrate.

sugarcane juice vendor

This shop in Pune sells sugar cane juice.

sugarcane juice shop

A sugarcane vendor in Kolkata. As can be seen here the juice is extracted manually.

sugarcane juice seller

Sugarcane juice shop with customers waiting. This is on the outskirts of Pune city.

sugarcane juice shop

Sugarcane Juice Shop

However crowded the pavement, a sugarcane wala manages to squeeze inbetween people, vendors and trees! Stacks of sugarcane lie in his shop and this gives an idea of the high number of customers he gets every day. This photo is from Mumbai.

fresh sugarcane juice stall

A sugarcane juice stall outside a tourist spot in Hyderabad.

freshly squeezed sugarcane juice

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unique painting at the Louvre

This may not be one of the most famous paintings at the Louvre but it is something of a trick painting. As you pass it you will find the man in the red robe coming out of a doorway and waving in your direction. However as you pass this same painting something else happens which you will see in the next photograph. The painting seems to be about a war with the man waving to soldiers.

louvre painting of man in red robe waving

This is the same painting but after you have passed it. The man seems to have turned his face towards you! Interesting how the painter managed to do something clever like this! In the painting you can see more clearly the figures which are kneeling on the ground and in distress.

painting at the louvre in Paris, France

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Halasuru or Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore

Ulsoor Lake is now known as Halasuru lake. It is in the heart of the city, near MG road and is one of Bangalore's bigger lakes. As can be seen from these bird's eye view photographs the lake is surrounded by urban structures. A pretty lake in the midst of buildings. 

A view of a part of Ulsoor lake with Bangalore city on the right side of the picture.
Bangalore's Ulsoor lake

An image of Ulsoor lake from a distance and from the top of a building. In the foreground there is the city and plenty of greenery and in the background are the waters of Halasuru lake.

uloor lake panorama

A similar image of Ulsoor lake but a little closer up. Urbanisation and nature hand in hand.
ulsoor lake in Bangalore

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Street kids playing cricket

These are pictures of poor children playing cricket in an abandoned ground in a public place in an urban area. Cricket is very popular in India but most children don't have a place to play as most schools do not have proper playgrounds.

A child hitting the cricket ball gingerly. The dark coloured ball can be seen directly above the edge of the bat.

child batting while playing cricket

Engrossed in the game of cricket.

street kids playing cricket

The children enjoying the camera! One of them is posing with the bat.

poor kids playing and laughing

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pylon or Transmission Tower graphics

Interesting graphics of an electric pylon as they are called in the UK, and countries like India. In America these towers which carry electricity are called transmission towers. These towers are there to support the lines carrying power. These towers can get quite ugly and in most cities they run underground.

The shot is taken from below and inside of the steel lattice tower, at times called a hydro tower.

electricity pylon graphic image

Another view of an electric pylon from the very bottom. A graphical representation of
power pylon graphic image

Another image of the top of a pylon. The thick wires going to it form a nice pattern.
power pylon

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Cattle grazing in the countryside

These are photographs of cattle in a pristine countryside. In the first picture you can see a single cow sitting peacefully in the middle of a green field, a scenic place near Lucerne, in Switzerland. In the background you can see the Alps. Small houses dot the green and peaceful countryside.

cow relaxing in the country

A shot taken from one of the cable cars going up to see the snow clad mountains in Switzerland. The contrast in the scenes is amazing. The bluish tint of the far off mountains and the dark green of the fir trees on the mountainside in the foreground. Also the lush green grass which cattle is feeding on. The cows are brown in colour.
cattle grazing in the Swiss countryside

This picture is of the English countryside. The white cows with black dots are grazing in a field next to the highway in Wales, Great Britain.
cattle grazing in the English countryside

This image is quite spectacular because the black and white cattle is almost merging with the background of gray gravel. This photo was taken in Leh Ladakh. One can only wonder at the tiny bits of vegetation the cattle has to forge on! Tiny figures of humans can be seen on either side of the cattle on this gravely mountainside.
cattle grazing in Leh Ladakh on the mountainside

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cat Portraits

These pictures show why our domesticated cat belongs to the tiger family or rather, why the tiger is a big cat! These are close-ups of cat faces and expressions. I have selected the expressions which closely imitate that of the tiger and the lion or their cubs!

Nothing more scary that to see a cat yawning. Definitely scary for a mouse! This cat appears to be yawning quite violently!

yawning cat

Cat sticking out its tongue! A cat's tongue is very rough and sticky. This cat's expression is one deliberate enjoyment of something only she or he knows about. Something almost evil about the expression.
cat sticking out its tongue

A growling cat. Irritation is evident in the cat's face.
annoyed cat

A cat staring at you with it's yellow eye! A cat's eye can be unfathomable. Maybe this cat is trying to figure out what the camera is all about.

cat's yellow eye

This feline is looking at something quite intently, possibly an insect.
cat's face or portrait

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Onions being transported

A three-wheeler cycle cart transporting onions to the vegetable market.  This photograph captures the essence of India quite well. It shows the poverty of the labour, the thin wiry built of the man speaking for itself. The cart is too heavy for him to cycle so he has got off from the seat and is walking. The dusty roads are typical in most villages and towns.  In background you can see tin shacks and political posters. Smiling and grinning faces of politicians plastered across cities and towns are a main feature of any poverty ridden country!

man transporting sackful of onions

A close-up of the sackful of onions thrown at the back of an open tempo.

closeup of sacks of onions

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Aurangabad Temple Pillars

The elaborate and intricate carvings on the walls and temples of the Aurangabad caves is worth seeing and not just because it is more than 14 centuries old! These carvings are to be found in the 12 artificial rock-cut Buddhist cave shrines which are located on top of a hill near Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
These carvings are a spectacular representation of Indian Classical Art.
These designs are  and organized designs of fretwork, scrolls, panel of couples, tassels, flowers, geometrical designs, and highest point of perfection and consummation

This is a base of a pillar with small figurines on the side an flower motifs in the center.
carved pillar design at Aurangabad caves

This is the base of another pillar and shows the variety of decorative inlay on these stone pilars. This pillar base has small figures carved into its face.
sculpted pillars at Aurangabad caves

This is the top of a pillar with figures and flower and nature motifs.

Another photo of a stone temple pillar decorated with flowers and geometric patterns.

decorated stone pillar at Aurangabad temple caves

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Funny Road Signs in India

India is full of hilarious signs on its highways and roads and these are just a few samples.

Found on a country road it exhorts travelers that it's better to be Late rather than Death!

highway warning sign

This one is funnier, telling travelers that it's better to be Mr. Late than Late Mr.! This is a road in Leh.

funny highway sign

A signboard on an expressway. Drive to Care Not to Dare, whatever that means! And the word Coutious is not just spelt wrong the full sentence goes like this: Be Coutious, life is precioous! I guess it rhymes!

funny signboard on expressway

This hoarding is supposed to be funny but makes little sense. Don't change people??

funny hoarding on road

Not so bad. Helmet or Hell Met. Short and sweet sign in Mulund, Mumbai.

sign about the dangers of being without a helmet

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