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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photos of stolen electricity

These are pictures showing wires and cables carrying electricity being tampered with. In this first picture, to the left you can see an electricity pole with scores of wires running from it. It is the Mumbai-Pune Expressway looked pretty fishy to me and while I am not sure if it has been tampered with, it certainly does not look safe. To the right is a cell phone satellite phone tower.

electricity pole with tangled wires

Although the rest of these photos were shot in a crowded street in old Hyderabad city, this sort of thing is common in many places in India. Wires on electricity carrying poles are tampered with which leads to illegal connections.
Here is a confusing tangle of power lines to the left of the picture. Some of the wires are simply hanging in large loops! A fire hazard as well.
tangle of electric cables

It's the same scene here. Electricity cables are intertwined and cut, used to power places without proper electric meters. Crime scene?
electricity wires tampered with

The photo below is a close-up of an electric pole and the tangle of wires.
close-up of electric wires tampered with

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