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Monday, February 7, 2011

Women in burkhas or burqas - photos

These are some photographs of Muslim women in bukhas.

The first picture is of a group of burkha clad women in a busy market in Hyderabad. Burkas are common in that city.

group of burkha clad women in market

The picture below is of two burkha clad women in a bangle shop in Hyderabad
burkha clad women buying bangles

The image below is a cut-out of one of the women in the photograph above. It's similar to a silhouette because of the black attire.
cutout of burkha clad woman

The picture below is my favourite in terms of composition. The day was bright and there was some reflection though. Three busy women walking briskly on the city streets, probably on the day's errands. A small boy walks in front of them.
burqa women with little boy walking ahead

The two women in the picture below are walking on Laxmi road in Pune.

burkha clad women on a busy road

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