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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sketches and drawings of Mahatma Gandhi

These are sketches or pencil drawings of Mahatma Gandhi's photos and portraits. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (MK Gandhi) was the prominent leader during India's Independence Struggle from British Rule. He believed in non-violence and used methods based on this idealogy to fight British Imperialism.

In this drawing, MG has an inquiring or even puzzled or sceptical expression on his face. He is wearing some cloth on his right shoulder.

serious face of Mahatma Gandhi in sketch

Here Gandhi seems engrossed in writing something. He is sitting on a mattress. He is bare-chested and wearing a dhoti.
sketch of sitting Mahatma Gandhi writing

In this one Mahatma Gandhi has his eyes closed. He has covered himself with a shawl.
sketch of Mahatma Gandhi portrait

In this photo Mahatma Gandhi is laughing or grinning broadly. This picture is on some Indian currency.

Sketch of Mahatma Gandhi smiling

(These sketches are based on copy-right free photographs available in the public domain and have been made by me on the software Photoshop).

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  1. Thank you for your sketches. They are creative and beautiful. I'm giving a lecture where I'll mention Gandhi briefly, as a writer, and I'd like to use your sketch in a PowerPoint presentation. I hope you are agreeable to this. All the very best, Teresa.

  2. Ofcourse you are welcome Teresa. Thank you for writing a note and telling me you are using it.

  3. Well, congratulations Mr. Sahu for "thinking" something that is already mentioned in the post!! I need not have mentioned it in any case as this is my work, not anyone else's.
    You are not welcome here and no more of your comments will be published. Thank you for visiting.


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