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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nature scenes of hills, valleys and trees

Here are some breathtaking panoramic views from Matheran, a hill station in Maharashtra, India. They are images stitched from 2-3 photos and show deep valleys, rolling hills, trees and bushes.

In the first image there is a tree in the foreground (to the right of the picture), and a range of hills stretching far out into the distance.

trees, valley and hills scenery

The second image shows some bushes in the foreground and the deep valley and hills in the background. It is the same scene from another angle, without the tree.
valley, hills and bushes scenery

In this image the tree is to the left of the panoramic scene. The red mud of Matheran in the foreground makes a nice contrast to the green of the valley and the blue of the hills beyond.
deep valley and hills scene

The photograph below shows just the hills of Matheran.

hills of Matheran

The hillocks seen in this image were shot on the way to Matheran. They make an interesting scene, showing the plains beyond. The foreground is a bunch of trees and bushes.
scenery of hillocks on plains

This last photograph below is one of my favorites. The silhouetted mountain range against a setting sun adds an element of character, mystery and intrigue to the mountains. The contrast between two mountain ranges is clearly visible, the one in the foreground almost black and the one in the background a little blue. A third mountain can be seen beyond this one, grayish in colour. The setting sun sheds its glow on the mountain range, giving the picture it's unique lighting.

mountains silhouetted against sun

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