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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Abandoned ship in Goa

This is an abandoned ship in Goa. The view is from the lane which enters into the beach. 
abandoned goa ship

This is a view of the abandoned ship from the sea and the beach.
ship run aground in Goa

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bangor in Wales

Bangor is small city in Wales, Great Britain. It is one of the smallest cities in Britain. It is basically a university city and almost fifty percent of the population speak Welsh. The place is small and quite beautiful and quiet, as these photographs show. A quaint little town with one high street and lots of pubs. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the town, and the place is thronging with students.

This photograph is the main square of the city. It's got a clock tower and the shopping malls are concentrated around this area.
Bangor square

This photograph is of the main high street in Bangor, Wales. There are no cars here, mostly walkers. In any case one can easily walk from one end of the city to another!
Bangor main street

An old castle at the end of one of the streets.
Bangor castle

Bangor is a hilly place and it can get pretty tiring to walk if one does decide to! Lots of steep slopes!
bangor lane

There is little traffic and the traffic that is there is very organised. Before crossing you have to press a button and then the cars stop for you. The writing on the signal is in Welsh. In fact you cannot understand the language at all. There is no resemblance to English. The accent of the local Welsh people is also very different.  They consider English a foreign language and the English people as foreigners, not locals.
Bangor crossing

Some students waiting at a bus-stop.
Bangor bus-stop

A small roadside cafe.
Bangor cafe

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Public Toilets in Urban India

India is woefully short of public toilets and these are pictures of the few that are there. Usually prominent places in towns and cities have these public loos. The first two photographs of of public toilets in Mumbai. This one is right next to a garbage dump. Or rather the public has made it a garbage dump.
public loo in mumbai

This one has been beautified a little with plants on the outside. Inside it will probably be stinking.
public toilet in mumbai

This toilet on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway near the toll booth is built and run by the private contracter who runs the highway.
public toilet

Another toilet on the Mumbai Pune Expressway at a food mall  has been dubbed a "washroom," American style. Of late India has a fascination for all things American, and the ubiquitous European nomenclature "toilet" is considered infradig and well, too common to use!
public washroom

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sketches of balcony railing designs

Here are pencil drawings or sketches of the railings of balconies. The sketches are based on photographs of the balconies in old houses in Pune, Maharashtra.

This criss-cross design is a fairly simple one. The original balcony railing is in wood.
criss-cross simple railing design

A more intricate floral railing design sketch.
floral railing design sketch

These curves are lined by two floral strips at each end.
curved railing design sketch

An elaborate balcony railing.
balcony design sketch

A common style of the olden days.
old style balcony railing sketch

This is a sketch of a beautifully preserved old type of house with different railing designs on different floors.
old house railing sketch

A pretty small squarish balcony with an intricate design on the metal railing. The terraces has a different type of railing, seeming made of mud or brick.
pretty railings

A sketch of a relatively modern balcony railing.
goa balcony railing sketch

A floral motif sketch of a balcony railing.
floral motif balcony railing sketch

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water Tankers

Water tankers are big business in India today. They carry water to areas/colonies which do not get adequate water. It is believed that a water mafia is in operation (in cahoots with the municipality) which perenially keeps areas short of water so that these tankers can sell water to the water shortage areas. It is ironic that water tankers deliver municipal water which the municipality sells to them! Many of the owners of companies which ferry tanker water are the politicians themselves!

These water tankers sell water to building and societies at a high price. The municipality water is sold as "drinking water" while other types of water is usually well water used for other purposes.
water tankers

closeup of water tanker

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wall Painters in India

Here are photographs of a man painting a wall on the streets of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am not sure whether he is painting some slogan on the wall or whether he painted the wall as well. The writing is in Tamil. There are some scribbled ads on the unpainted wall in the foreground of the image, and it looks to be an ad for a magic show. A lot of small time businesses in India scribble their contact numbers in unauthorised places.
man painting wall

wall painter in Chennai

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unusual street sights from Paris

Here are some unique sights I saw in Paris. They were very unusual to my tourist's eyes. This first photograph has a heap or mountain of shoes and the sign says "Handicap International." People were throwing their old shoes into the pile and it was the weirdest sight I have ever seen. Couldn't quite get the significance of it.
shoes in a heap

This scene was of a various placards for human rights and world peace being shown on the streets of Paris. What was interesting is that the demonstrators were protesting about almost everything, different kind of injustices from around the world, from concentration camps, to human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, to the war in Iraq.
placards for world peace

This is just a street scene from Paris, but the pink limousine caught my eye. It may be very common in Paris, but it seemed quite unusual to me, a pink limo!
pink limousine

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sketches and drawings of thatched huts

These are pencil drawings of thatched huts in India. They are based on photographs taken by me in rural Tamil Nadu, between Chennai and Puducherry.

In this you can see that dried vegetation has also been applied to the walls as well as the roof. These layers protect the harder layers inside from water and other elements of nature. The inner layers are usually made from natural material like mud and clay, although at times brick is used.

thatched roof and walls drawing

thatched hut sketch
This sketch is also of a hut from the same area in Tamil Nadu. An umbrella can be seen outside the hut as well as some cycles. A thatched hut is the choice of the poor as it is a low-cost option.

sketch of thatched hut

This sketch is not one of a real thatched hut, but a model one in the tourist place of Dakshinachitra.
sketch of model thatched hut

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Child Labour or Working children

Child labor is a common sight in India and it happens not in so-called sweat factories, but just about everywhere...on the roads, in families, in shops, in hotels. Often the kids work for their own parents in their shops. The poor do it to supplement their income. Girls usually do most of the housework while boys take up heavier and outdoor tasks. The problem arises when parents do not send the children to school.

This is a small boy on a street in Aurangabad, working in some sort of workshop.

boy working on road

This is a heartrending picture of a very sad boy selling roses on the streets of Mumbai. The sadness is visible in his eyes. His face looks slightly swollen, perhaps due to lack of sleep.

boy selling flowers

This street child is better groomed and has probably been sent to sell childrens' books on the streets by his parents.

boy selling books

Here is a small girl carrying ground wheat from a milling shop. Most Indian families do not use ready-made wheat flour. They buy the wheat and get it ground from small mills which can be found at almost every street corner in cities and towns.

girl carrying wheat flour

Here is a close-up of the same girl. This girl was seen on the outskirts of Mumbai. She doesn't look more than ten years old.

closeup of a girl carrying wheat flour

This picture is taken in a small town town in Maharashtra. Here is a boy busy with some work concerning loading and unloading.

boy working

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Monday, June 20, 2011

School Rickshaws with small children

These are photographs of children being ferried to school in small rickshaws specially made for the purpose. These rickshaws are usually fortified with iron or steel bars to protect the children. The first photograph is taken in Kolkata, West Bengal.  The rickshaw is a cycle rickshaw turned into a school bus! A fairly economical way to travel for the toddlers.

school rickshaw

This picture is shot in Thane, a city near Mumbai in Maharashtra. The autorickshaw has been altered to seat small children. The bars protect the children from the bumpy ride. However, most of these rickshaws are packed with children and unsafe.

school auto rickshaw

This photograph of school children packed and crammed in a small rickshaw. The picture was taken in Pune. Extra seats have been made in the front of the passenger seat to accommodate more children. The children themselves are quite happy, oblivious to the fact that this is dangerous.
kids crammed in rick

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Help Poster for domestic violence

This poster was stuck on the inside of a subway train in Mumbai. It is to help victims of domestic violence. They have to call the telephone number on the poster - 103.
The headline on the poster has the traumatised woman asking, "Should I call 103?"
poster against domestic violence

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bandra Promenade

There are not many open spaces in Mumbai and most of the open spaces are near the sea-side. This is where Mumbaikars come for a breath of fresh air. The Bandra Promenade is one of those places.

promenade bandra

In the daytime the place is a little deserted. A couple is sitting on the bench here.
mumbai promenade

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ajanta carvings sketches

Here are a few sketches and designs of the carvings found inside the ancient Ajanta Caves. These works were made from the 2nd century BC to the 5th century AD. These sketches are based on the photographs of Stone carvings and frescoes from Ajanta Caves.

Many of the designs are found on ornately decorated pillars, and the face here looks part animal and part human.
face on pillar sketch

Here are some pencil drawings of floral designs on Ajanta pillars.
floral designs on ajanta pillars

This sketch is one of the ornate entrances to one of the temples. The intricate designs on the slab above the pillars can be seen.
sketch of entrance to temple

This floral motif sketch depicts one of the designs from the pillars of the temples at Ajanta.
floral motif sketch from ajanta

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