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Monday, June 13, 2011

For Sale Signboards in India

Here are some photographs of signboards outside shops declaring that they are selling goods at a discount. Sales are always on at some shop or the other in India. Whether it is for clothes or food or shoes or whatever. Whether it is festival time or monsoon time or just time! Shops are flooded with goods and sales managers routinely overestimate what they will sell. But never mind, they still make profits from those who do not buy during sales!

Fancy shops get rid of their old stock every few months.
sale signs on shop windows

If there is no reason for a sale, there is always the monsoon sale!
monsoon sale

These signs are seen very commonly on the streets. So much so that customers ignore them!
40% discount sale

Big Bazaar is a retail chain that has taken people by storm. Everything there is atrociously cheap but they make it cheaper on some days. Best not to visit it unless you want to get pushed and stamped on. There are usually lines to get inside because of the phenomenal prices!
Big Bazaar retail chain sale

There was a shop called Why Pay More, but that's closed down now. Everything in it was on sale, always.
shoes on sale

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