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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bangor in Wales

Bangor is small city in Wales, Great Britain. It is one of the smallest cities in Britain. It is basically a university city and almost fifty percent of the population speak Welsh. The place is small and quite beautiful and quiet, as these photographs show. A quaint little town with one high street and lots of pubs. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the town, and the place is thronging with students.

This photograph is the main square of the city. It's got a clock tower and the shopping malls are concentrated around this area.
Bangor square

This photograph is of the main high street in Bangor, Wales. There are no cars here, mostly walkers. In any case one can easily walk from one end of the city to another!
Bangor main street

An old castle at the end of one of the streets.
Bangor castle

Bangor is a hilly place and it can get pretty tiring to walk if one does decide to! Lots of steep slopes!
bangor lane

There is little traffic and the traffic that is there is very organised. Before crossing you have to press a button and then the cars stop for you. The writing on the signal is in Welsh. In fact you cannot understand the language at all. There is no resemblance to English. The accent of the local Welsh people is also very different.  They consider English a foreign language and the English people as foreigners, not locals.
Bangor crossing

Some students waiting at a bus-stop.
Bangor bus-stop

A small roadside cafe.
Bangor cafe

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