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Friday, May 11, 2012

Chinese Architecture Sketches

Chinese architecture has its own unique style and is centuries old, as ancient as Chinese civilisation itself. It is a classThere is an emphasis on articulation and bilateral symmetry. Some of these pencil sketches have elaborate shading and are more like black and white illustrations. This brings out the elaborate decorations and artistic work on these buildings. The intricate carvings, and also hanging decorations that beautify these structures is shown.

Some are simple line drawings.

This is an illustration of a Chinese style building at Shanghai in a garden complex called Yu Garden. Note the turret like structures forming the roof which point upwards. They appear to be decorative. The balconies of this building are also well decorated and in fact the whole building looks adorned.

sketch of Yu garden building in Shanghai

This is a sketch with simple lines without shading of the same building at Lu Gardens in Shanghai.

line drawing of chinese architecture

This elaborate dome-like structure is part of a temple complex. It is not the main building.  The roofs are built in a way to let the rain water flow away. Bamboo and wood is used. On the first floor of the structure you can see a small balcony going right around. Most of these balconies are very narrow and more for ventilation rather than anything else.
sketch of a Chinese temple building

This is a sketch of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. The bottom part of the dome was not included as it was just a mass of tourists. This one is very elaborately decorated as it is a temple. A detailed and high res image of these sketches are with me.

sketch of the Temple of Heavan in China

This is a sketch of one of the decorative arches of The Great Mosque of Xian, China. A large part of the structure is made of wood.

sketch of mosque arch chinese style

This building or buddhist temple sketch is part of a Buddha temple complex in China. The tall concrete or stone structure is tapering towards the top.

A building we saw on the way to the Great Wall of China. Not the sloping roofs built in a way to let rain water flow away.  Here the balcony is slightly larger.

A sketch of a chinese style building outside Beijing in China.
chinese style building in China

This is a sketch of a temple like structure in the Chinese style of architecture situated in a temple complex. Note the elaborately curved arches and decorated doors and windows, typical of sacred structures.
sketch of chinese architecture building

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