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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tandoor Oven, tandoori rotis and cooks

These are photographs of people cooking tandoori rotis (roasted Indian bread from North India) in the typical Indian clay tandoori oven in New Delhi, India. The men in the small kitchen are from Kashmir who have set up shop in Delhi. They also appear to be living in the same place.
tandoori roti kitchen

Here you can see how the cook is making the rotis out of white refined flour (maida). He is flattening/rolling the soft white dough on a tava or bridle and then pressing it down with a wooden object (with a design) before putting it in the hot oven.
cook making tandoori rotis

This is what the final product looks like. The tandoori rotis, typical of North India, are eaten with vegetables or non-vegetarian food.
tandoori rotis

This is a photo of a close-up of the tandoori clay oven. A bottle which is used to spray fat on the food can be seen on the side.
randoori oven

More pictures of Indian food: Indian Thali - typical Indian vegetarian meal or Masala Dosa and Sambar from South India.

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