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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clouds with a silver lining

Clouds with a silver lining look quite spectacular. These pictures were shot with a Nokia N72, a fairly basic mobile phone camera, but even then the silhouetted dark clouds make an impact. However as they have been shot with a cell phone the pictures are small in size.

clouds silhouetted against the sun

In the next two photographs the sun has come out of the clouds, and looks like a white shining ball resting on the clouds.
dark clouds with sun peeping out

dark clouds and sun

Here the clouds are not that dark or gloomy. A light blue sky forms the background and the sun's rays are spread out like a tiara from behind the clouds. 
Clouds with a silver lining

In this photo a slice of a dark hill can be seen in the foreground.

clouds with a silver lining

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