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Friday, March 25, 2011

Airport tarmac and aircraft on runaway

These are photos of airports from the inside. The airport tarmac, runaways, utility vehicles, jetty bridges, aeroplanes as well as people working there are visible in the photos. The pics were shot at different airports - Chennai, Bangkok and Hyderabad. All were taken from inside the aircraft, through the window.

The first few pictures were shot at Chennai airport. This one has the wing of the aircraft in the foreground and in the background you can see fuel tanks, a Jet Airways aircraft, aircraft boarding staircase, and airport buses with passengers. Officials are standing near the aircraft boarding staircase which is attached to the plane.

planes on tarmac

This is a similar photograph, with a Kingfisher airlines flight standing by. There is an airport passenger bus with airport officials. There is an airport passenger bus with airport officials. The wing of the aircraft forms the foreground of the image. In the background is the Chennai airport building.

airport building with aircraft on tarmac

This is a close up of some of the buildings at the airport. An airplane hangar, several airplane boarding staircases and some parked airport buses can be seen.

aircraft hangar with buses

In this photo you can see an aerobridge attached to a Jet Airways airplane. This is an enclosed movable tunnel-like structure leading from the airport terminal building to the inside of an airplane. Passengers can board the aircraft directly, without going outside. This tunnel or passage is also called a jetway, loading bridge, airbridge, air jetty, passenger walkway or passenger loading bridge.

aircraft with boarding bridge

This is the tarmac of Hyderabad's new airport. Some Air India planes can be seen on the tarmac. The photograph was shot at dusk from an airplane window.

tarmac of Hydrabad's new airport

This photo is of the airport tarmac at Bangkok. A part of the airport building can be seen in the background. A few planes are standing by.

bangkok airport tarmac

This picture was shot from the aircraft window as the plane was landing Bangkok. You can see the parts of the machinery underneath the wing exposed. These flaps usually open up when the plane is landing to reduce the speed of the aircraft.

taking off from airport

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