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Bloggers, you can use photographs from here for free, if your your blog is non-commercial. If a commercial website, the cost is nominal. All pictures on this blog are copyrighted to me. If an image is used, do attribute it as specified here! These photos are only for blogs/websites. If distributed, same conditions apply to end-user. Brick and mortar businesses have to pay (unless non-profit).Thanks.

The photos cannot be sold. For commercial purposes other than the web, pay as specified here. Select photos by using the SEARCH function under the Archives, found at the bottom of page (my email id is there too) or labels at bottom of each post. To see original image, click on image or ask me for a bigger and better one.


Do the right thing, be ethical. It speaks volumes for your character. If you use images from this site, follow the attribution requirements. Click here for more ABOUT THIS BLOG

WEB USE ALLOWED EXCEPT FOR SITES WHICH DISTRIBUTE IMAGES or as part of an advertisement or for commercial use.

If using these pictures in a blog post or in any write-up (non-commercial use), put a link at the bottom of your article to the post on this blog from where the picture was taken plus credit to my name: Nita Jatar Kulkarni. This applies to ALL websites, commercial or non-commercial, even it is the Times of India.

If you do not wish to give the link, then kindly ask for permission to use the photo without a link with a valid reason as to why you cannot. However, attribution to my name right below the picture is necessary even if you do not link to my website. 

If yours is a commercial website (which includes any site with advertisements), then payment is necessary.

For non-commercial websites, there is no charge as long as the photo is attributed to me as per the guidelines given above.

Only non-profit websites can use my photos without a charge. For commercial sites, prices are not high. The price can be as low as ₹10 to ₹100/- (or 1 USD to 5 USD) for lower resolution images, or in some cases ₹ 500 (10 USD) or more, depending on the size of the image required. The images that cost more are the silhouettes and sketches, and also those wanted for unlimited use. However even these are fairly inexpensive, some available for a price as little as ₹ 200/- if the image is a small one. High-resolution images can cost more.

I reply to any emails very promptly so you can write to me and still catch that deadline.

Please do not use any of these photographs without the requirements listed. 

If the picture is used in a header or any other form (eg. used and modified for web designs, websites, widgets, headers, icons, banners) you can add this blog to your blogroll if you have one. It will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Please don't use these photographs if you want to sell them. And no site which sells or distributes photographs can take images from here unless they pay for the picture an amount for exclusive use.

Don't use any of these pictures for an illegal purpose.

You cannot use any of the images in an advertisement (even if it is only for online marketing) without payment.

You are free to use these pictures if you are a student and want to make presentations, for research, or submit papers to an educational institution. If any photograph is officially submitted to the institution, then an acknowledgement would be necessary. Attribute it to "Nita Jatar Kulkarni." In India, academic faculty do not make it compulsory to attribute the photograph to the rightful owner, but it is an ethical thing to do, so please give a credit line. Ethics start at an early age.

Kindly attribute as mentioned above and pay for the image. Write to me to ask for the price. Payment can be made to my PayPal account (blog [dot] nita [at]

The images on this blog can be used without a link or payment. However a credit line to "Nita Jatar Kulkarni" would be required at the bottom of the photograph and please do write to me to let me know.

Free to use for your personal non-web use if the purpose is non-commercial.

If you belong to a non-profit organisation you can take any image without payment but do drop a line informing me. However, if used in a printed form in the literature of a non-profit organisation, a credit line would be required. Attribute the picture to "Nita Jatar Kulkarni."

If the pictures are used for any commercial or business venture, they have to be paid for, even if the association is a student body. Student bodies also make money, they are not non-profit. However they will be charged very little, mostly just a token amount.

The images could be used for advertisements (eg. flyers, brochures, posters, print ads, menu cards, book covers, greeting cards, T-shirts etc) or in newspapers, other publications and magazines, and in such cases the photos are not free to use. Credit has to be given to the photographer (in this case Nita Jatar Kulkarni) and the pictures have to be bought. Charges depend on whether you want an image for one-time use (much cheaper) or you want to use the image several times or the type of image.

For any more clarifications please feel free to write to me at blog (dot) nita (at)

Paypal is preferred. My paypal account username is this email address: blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com 

Netbanking can be used. 

You can also purchase full rights and/or exclusivity. All licenses are provided with worldwide rights and can be included in unlimited projects.

Do ask for larger images if you need them. 

Please use the Search function at the bottom of the site to find the right photograph or try the labels or archives. I have done my best to categorize them correctly.

Even if you do not want to buy any photograph but like this site, and want to donate, it will be appreciated highly. You can donate as little as 1-10 USD. If you live in India you can credit ₹ 50 - ₹ 100- to my account (ask me for the netbanking details) or via PayPal (email id given below)

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