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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Diu Prison

Diu Prison which can be seen from the Diu Fort. It is a small island. Tourists go there too, in boats.

Diu Prison

You can see a few tourist boats near the wall.

Diu Prison with boats

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Typical Indian breakfast from Western India

Different parts of India have different cuisines. If paratha or dalia are some of the stable breakfast foods from North India, pohe or poha and dahi vada are often eaten in Maharashtra, in western India.

Pohe as it is called in Marathi and (Poha in Hindi)is made from flattened or beaten rice. It is soaked a little bit in water before stir frying in a tadka. It is a light, high carbohydrate breakfast. Finely cut veggies or nuts can add to its nutritional value. Dahi vada is more a speciality of the south of India, but eaten as part of the Maharashtrian diet. These are vadas made from urad dal (lentils) which are soaked in dahi or curds (home made yogurt).

Both these dishes are decorated with chopped coriander and freshly ground coconut, as well as spices.

Indian breakfast from Maharashtra

A close up of the dahi vada. Red pepper powder and chaat masala are used for decoration as well as taste. The different colours make for a very pretty and delicious looking dish.

Dahi vada

Fresh corander and fresh coconut not only add to the looks of the pohe, but also add to its nutritional value. Freshly cut raw tomato does the same.

Poha or Pohe

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Child in hammock

A poor child of a construction worker in India in a hammock made out of a piece of cloth.

poor child in a hammock

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Farming in Gujarat India

Here are photos of farms in Gujarat. The farmers are quite prosperous.

A sugarcane farm in Gujarat. The sugarcane growing can be seen in the background, and the foreground is a cultivated field.

Sugarcane farm in Gujarat

A tractor cultivating a field on a farm in Gujarat

Tractor on a Gujarat farm

Hay stacks on a farm in Gujarat.

farm in Gujarat

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wild Baby Giraffe

Pictures of a wild baby giraffe near the riverside where it has come to drink water. Taken in the Ruaha jungle in Tanzania, Africa.

Wild baby giraffe on river bank in Africa

A baby giraffe drinking water. Due to its long legs this process can become quite awkward!

Giraffe drinking water

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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Nile ships

There are the small cruise liners which go up and down the Nile River, carrying tourists.

Nile ships

A closer look at the Egyptian cruise liner

Cruise ship on the Nile in Egypt

The ship deck.

River Nile ship deck

A comfortable room on the ship with a view of the river Nile.

Room on a cruise liner on the river Nile

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Esna Lock Photographs

There is a lock system on the river Nile. The reason for it to make it easy for ships to navigate across a difference in height of the water.  A lock is built with a fixed chamber inside of it and in this fixed chamber the water level can be raised or lowered. It is quite an experience to go through a lock. It is like a lift for a boat or ship! However the chamber itself does not go up and down, just the water level does.
Tourists on the Nile who are traveling by a cruiser have to go through this lock. At times the waiting times can be several hours as there is a queue.

Here is a picture of the approach to the Esna Lock. In the background you can see that the water level of the river on the other side is much higher.

Entering the Esna Lock

Here is a clearer picture of the difference in water levels, seen as you enter the chamber where the water level can rise and fall. The photograph is taken from the top of the cruise liner.

Inside the Esna Lock

After the water level is raised the gates on the other side are opened.

Leaving the Esna Lock

And the boat goes through to the other side.

Esna Lock on the river Nile

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Owls camouflaged

I knew that owls are the masters of camouflage but I had to see it to believe it. We almost missed seeing this one as we were on our Gir Safari in the Gir Forest sanctuary.

camouflaged owl on tree trunk

This was was not camouflaged but it was still difficult to spot.

owl on a tree

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gir Forest

Some photographs of the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary which is also known as Sasan-Gir
It started in 1975, and has an area of 1412 sq. kms. This is the home of the Asiatic lion. This is a protected area. Although the lions in the sanctuary had dwindled, today they have increased and believed to be about 400 in number.

There are water bodies here in Gir, and the major perennial rivers of the Gir region are Hiran, Shetrunji, Datardi, Shingoda, Machhundri, Godavari and Raval.

A ride through Gir Forest Sanctuary.

Gir Forest lake

Going in an open jeep during the safari.

Gir Forest safari

A culvert across a canal.

Inside Gir Forest

A scenic spot in the Girl wild life sanctuary - a sunset on the river.

A scene from the Gir Forest sanctuary

A view of the Gir Forest.
Thick trees and water body in gir forest in gujarat

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