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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flower Arrangement in pots

Just flowers floating in pots is a common flower arrangement but here too artistry is involved. Different colours need to be harmoniously alighed and placed. here the red and white petals add to the decoration.

flower arrangement in a pot

Three gray stoneware flower pots with floating flowers make a pretty picture. When not many flowers are available, petals fill the gap.

floating flowers in three stone pots

And the flowers need not be expensive ones. Here are simple inexpensive flowers which make this pretty flower arrangement.

simple flower arrangement with inexpensive flowers

A closeup of a large yellow flower surrounded by red velvety petals.

a flower surrounded by red petals in a pot

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Old men reading newspapers in India

For all you say about poor literacy levels in India, those who are literate are politically aware. Reading news (which is mostly political) is common, even amongst the elderly.

A group of men sitting on the pavement, reading the newspaper.

group of elderly men reading newspaper

An old man reading the newspaper in his small hut on the roadside.

old man reading newspaper in his hut

A pavement vendor reading a newspaper outside his shop.

old vendor reading newspaper

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Surveillance Cameras on the streets

Surveillance Cameras are a feature of modern life. Needed for security of the public from evil people like terrorists.

This photograph was taken in London, UK.Cannot escape the ubiquitous street camera in modern cities nowadays.

surveillance camera on a street in London

A graphic of a poster about how cameras intrude on privacy. Lack of privacy poster. A high resolution image of his is available.

lack of privacy poster

Not so noticeable but a small street camera on a lamp post in India. Useful, it street cameras in India actually work. Or if someone actually monitors them.

street camera in India

Monday, August 19, 2013

Indian Couples

Traditional Indian couples stay married forever, relatively speaking. Separation happens, but divorce is rare.

Rural couples plod on. And it's not about conversation so much as doing things together. It is common to see the woman to walk a few steps behind her husband but that does not make her a stay at home housewife. In rural India, the woman often works shoulder to shoulder with her man on the farm.

These are photographs of elderly couples.

This is a couple from Maharashtra, India.

Elderly Indian Rural Couple

A couple from North India.

Poor old couple from Northern India

An old couple. The old man in white and the woman in a green sari.

Husband and wife in ethnic clothes

Another photograph of the same couple. This time the man's face is to the camera.

Old man and wife

A village couple trying to hail a rickshaw.


An elderly Muslim couple from India.

An old Muslim couple

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coconut Trees Silhouettes

These are silhouettes of coconut trees and nature scenes with palm or coconut trees. This one has a man plucking coconuts. Black and white silhouette.
silhouette scene of a man plucking coconuts from coconut trees

The silhouette of a row of coconut trees against the background of a building.

silhouette of a row of coconut palms against the backdrop of a building

A silhouette of a scene in which coconut palms are swaying in the breeze at a beach resort. The silhouette of a row of deck chairs are also in the picture.

silhouette of palm trees at a beach

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Strikes in Kerala

Strikes and hartals are common in states like Kerala or Bengal. These are some photos I took while we were traveling in Kerala.

A group of people sitting on chairs on the road waving red flags, holding placards and shouting slogans. A common street sight in the Indian state of Kerala which has a communist regime.

people on strike

This man is stopping vehicles (rasta roko) including people in cars with families, and tourist vehicles. The main idea is to harass the ordinary citizen because of some political differences of political parties. We were tourists who had just two days in Kerala. One of these days was entirely wasted. Never again will be visit this state. Stuck without water and food. This does not speak well of communism nor of decency, tourist friendliness or good economics or in fact good sense. It does give visitors a feeling that this is a  banana state.

stopping vehicles for the strike

People are patiently waiting to be let go. Commercial vehicles appear to be resigned to their fate. Interestingly a few vehicles were allowed to go. Probably vehicles belonging to their own party. Shameful.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tall palm trees silhouettes

These are silhouettes of tall coconut palms and higher resolution silhouettes are available.

This one is a simple black and white silhouette with the spindly and long trees reaching up to the sky. Their height can be gauged by the smaller trees at the base of the image.

black and white silhouette of palm trees

A grey, black and white silhouette of a nature scene with tall palm trees moving in the breeze and grey clouds in the background.

silhouette of palm trees in shades of grey

A scenery silhouette of tall palm trees in varying shades of grey, black and white. Clouds in the background and tall coconut palm trees in the foreground alongside a small swimming pool with the water reflecting the tree silhouettes.

silhouettes of coconut palms

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Peepal or Fig Bonsai

These are photographs of a cute little bonsai Peepal Tree. The Peepal or or Ashwatha or the Fig tree is a tree which can go over 30 metres if it is a normal tree and not a bonsai. This tree is regarded as sacred by Buddhists and has a long life. It is used extensively in Ayurveda and is supposed to possess medicinal properties.

The Peepal or Fig has dark green pointed leaves with a velvety feel.

Fig Tree Bonsai

Yellowing leaves of the Peepal or Fig tree in a bonsai form.

Peepal Tree bonsai

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Li River in China

The Li or Lijiang River in Guangxi Zhuang in China winds through peculiar shaped mountains or perhaps you can call them hills, the kind you have never seen before. They are like cones or tubes or in some cases like sand dunes! The cruise along the Li River is popular with tourists. These green hills make a very picturesque sight.

Here is a small boat laden with tourists winding its way along the Li River. The green rocky cone shaped hills are in the background.

Tourist boat on the river Li

Some of the hills are like pointed cones. Trees line the narrow beach along the river Li.

Cone shaped green hills on the River Li

Some of these rocky hills have been given different names in Chinese because of their weird shapes.

close up of the rocky hills on the River Li in China

A long shot of the Li river. The river, the beach, the boat and the hills.

A picturesque scene of the River Li

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