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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indian news anchors and news readers

These are images captured from a television screen of news channels. The people in the images are well known news anchors from different TV channels. Bloggers writing posts about news anchors or news  channels could find these useful.

This is Rajdeep Sardesai from CNN IBN conducting an interview on his channel.
rajdeep sardesai cnnibn

This is another (female) news reader from CNN-IBN.
female news anchor cnnibn

This is Rahul Shivshankar from Times Now
Times Now Rahul Shivshankar

Here is another more famous news anchor from the Times Now news channel. Arnab Goswami. His style is often hysterical. He uses his hands a lot, and points and waves in addition to the accusing tone that he uses frequently.
arnab goswami timesnow

This is Rahul Kanwal from Headlines Today. A news anchor who manages sensationalism with panache. Without yelling, screaming and pointing.

rahul kanwal Headlines Today

An unknown woman news reader from the Doordarshan news channel. DD is the national broadcaster, government owned.
doordarshan news anchor

This male news anchor is from the Hindi business channel, CNBC Awaaz.

CNBC Awaaz news reader

A well known news anchor from NDTV Live, a Hindi news channel.
NDTV Live news anchor

Another TV grab from CNN IBN.  Sagarika Ghose (second from left) is interviewing panelists. The man second from the right is the head honcho (now retired) at Infosys, Narayan Murthy.
panelists with sagarika ghose

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