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Friday, July 1, 2011

Disabled Beggars

These are photographs of disabled beggars from India.Beggars in India are not as poor as they appear to be. They live poorly and sadly but often have money, often stashed in the form cash either in a bank of in their pockets.

The first image is of two disabled beggars in a market in Hyderabad's old city. The man who is standing is blind and the man who is bent forward appears to be stricken by polio. 

hyderabad beggars

This photograph is shot in Mumbai with the part of the iconic High Court building in the background. The area is a famous square in Mumbai - called Fort or Fountain. The beggars are traveling in a cycle type cart with large wheels which the beggar can drive himself.

beggar in Mumbai

This disabled beggar is sitting on the staircase of a railway overbridge at Thane suburban station. Many of these disabled people are struck with polio. Unable to work and nowhere to go.
beggar begging at railway station

This photo of a beggar woman being wheeled in a small makeshift wheelbarrow is taken in Pune.
beggar in wheelbarrow in Pune

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