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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fishing Trawlers in the Gulf of Thailand

Friday, April 27, 2012

Closeups of airplanes

These are close-up pictures of parts of an airplane. The body, the nose, the side, the tail and the wings of an aircraft.

This is a close up view of an aeroplane from the one end. It was taken from the back airstair or aircraft boarding staircase. A part of the wing is visible, as are the oval windows that become smaller and smaller as they go off into the distance.
body of aircraft with wing

This is the nose of an airplane with the two dark windows which look more like dark glasses. Behind this is where the pilots sit.
pilot's cabin on aeroplane

Another view of the sleek body of an aircraft from the nose in the foreground. The small oval windows can be seen on one side.
aircraft body with oval windows

A glimpse of the front wheels of an aircraft alongwith the nose.
airplane nose and front wheels

This image is a photograph of the television screen on the front seat as we were landing. The front wheel of the airplane can be seen as it nearing land. Some aircraft have a camera underneath the body of the plan which captures the landing and the wheels touching down. And some show the tape to the passengers.

front wheel of the aircraft

The tail of the aircraft and the small wing like structure at the back.
aircraft tail photo

This is a picture of an aircraft's wing from a window when it is flying. As it is about to land you can see the changes happen in the structure of the wing. The flaps seem to be opening.
closeup of an airplane's wing with open flaps

This picture was shot from the aircraft window as the plane was landing. You can see the parts of the machinery underneath the wing exposed. These flaps usually open up when the plane is landing to reduce the speed of the aircraft.
aircraft taking off from airport

Another shot of an aircraft wing flying among the clouds.

The image is a long shot. A large part of the plane wing forms the bottom of the image and gives it a dramatic touch. It was shot at  Bangkok airport and the wing flaps are closed.
airplane wing 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

National Monument of Malaysia

The National Monument of Malaysia, located in Kuala Lumpur, commemorates those who died in Malaysia's struggle for freedom, for example during the Japanese occupation during World War II.
This is one of the places that tourists are taken to for sight-seeing. It is not anything great, just another place to see.
Kuala Lumpur national monument

A pretty fountain and the back of the sculpture.
national monument sculpture from the back

What makes it interesting is that it the world's "tallest bronze freestanding sculpture grouping". This sculpture is of some fallen soldiers and also others with guns and some standing holding the national flag as in a victory position. The soldiers don't appear to be Malaysian, but  British.
closeup of sculpture from national monument in Malaysia

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Buddhists praying

An image of a Buddhist ritual in progress with a Buddhist priest or Buddhist monk, and a family praying and undertaking a ritual. The photo was shot on the island of Koh Sumai in Thailand, just outside the Big Buddha temple.

Buddhist ritual in progress

Here are faithful Buddhist followers lighting candles at the Golden Buddha temple in China.
people lighting candles for Buddha

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Tata Memorial Hospital Photos

A photo of the Tata Memorial Hospital, the main building. This is the famous Cancer Hospital in Parel, Mumbai, India.

Tata Cancer Hospital building 

These are pictures of the main building of the Tata Cancer Hospital in Parel, Mumbai. This one is a close look at the building. The name of the hospital, written in the Devanagari script is on the building. A few people, probably relatives or friends of patients can be seen leaving the building.
close up of the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India

Another close look at the building with people leaving the building. Perhaps employees.
Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital with patients and people

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snow and Ice on Mountains

These are close ups of the picturesque Ladakh mountains with snow and ice. The contrasting colours in these scenes make them a real treat for the eye.
In this picture you can see large boulders. In between them is a frozen stream. In the background is a mountain with melting snow and a deep blue sky. The different colors in this photo range from a deep blue to white. There is also the translucent colour of the frozen waters against the steel gray of the boulders and darker hues of the gravel on the mountains.
nature scene of mountains and melting snow

Here is the melting snow coming down like streams down the crevices of a mountain top.
snow in stripes coming down a mountain

A sheet of white snow clothing a mountain slope.
mountain top covered in a sheet of snow

Gray sands and dark mountains against a blue sky.
pretty scene of sands and the mountains

Marshy land, frozen rivers, gray sands, dark mountains,blue skies and white clouds.
colourful scene of mountains and frozen rivers

(Larger images of these are available with me)
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue, Pink and red haired women

These are photographs of women with different coloured hair, namely blue, pink and red! This one is a woman with her hair either dyed blue or in a blue haired wig.

woman with blue hair

This woman appears to have dyed her hair pink, or it is possible that this is a wig.
woman with pink hair

This woman's hair is a orangish or reddish, but it looks like her genuine colored hair. The hair color looks like her natural colour.
woman with red hair

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tramps on the streets of Italy

These are photographs of poor men on the pavements in Italian cities. They were not women tramps that one could see, unlike in India which has both men and women on the streets and ofcourse many more of them!

This tramp was lying on a fancy pavement in Bologna, Italy. His posture and the way his belongings are lying around him makes one feel that he could be a drunk although the can next to him is a soft drink can.
tramp lying on pavement

This tramp certainly looks as if he is very poor. He is eating of a piece of paper. There was also a wild look in his eyes.
tramp eating on street-side

This is a closer look at the blue-eyed tramp. He looks very old, probably nearing the age of 80.
close up of tramp eating on pavement

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hair styling in Europe

These are photographs of a woman's hair being styled by a male hairdresser in France.

hair being styled by hairdresser in salon

This is a photograph of another hairdresser at work. 
hair styling demonstration

There are curlers in the hair and in one woman there appears to be a hair dryer being used as a curler! The background is a stall where an exhibition of hair dressing was being given.
hair being set by hairdressers

Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos of Golfers

These are photographs of golfers, both men and women playing on the greens in Grasse, France. 

A group of golfers at their game. One of the men is getting ready to hit the golf ball. Three other players stand around watching him.

several golfers on the golf course

A lone golfer swings his club. He is getting ready to strike.

a golfer preparing to hit a ball

A woman golfer wheeling her golf cart towards the golf course.

golfer and the golfcart

Two women golfers wheel their golf bags on a trolley on the golf course.

women golfers on the golf course

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fancy tanning machine!

Not like the usual tanning beds which look like coffins or cubicles, these look more like MRI machines. They were seen at an exhibition in Florence, Italy.
A view from the side of the tanning machine with a man's head visible.
tanning machine from the side

A view from the front of the tanning machine. Looks pretty wierd, like out of a futuristic movie.
front view of tanning machine

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Florence city bird's eye view

These are panoramic views of the beautiful city of Florence in Italy. It is on the banks of the river Arno, which can be seen in the photos. Florence is famous for its art and architecture.

This image has been stitched from two single shots and give a fairly close view of the various steeples, churches, buildings and also the river and the bridge. They would make good headers for websites or blogs.
wide angle view of florence city in Italy

This photo has been stitched from 5 pictures, and is a long shot of the city, with the trees in the foreground.
a panoramic view of Florence in Tuscany in Italy

This is a close-up of the river Arno which runs through the city of Florence. Several bridges connect both sides of the city on the two banks.
a closeup of the river Arno and the city Florence on its banks

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Photos of trucks

These are pictures of trucks, either on the highway, the ghat or the road. Trucks parked, trucks on the road.  They usually block the complete road, and do not bother to follow directions to keep to the left. Buses also behave in a similar manner as can be seen from the photo. Motorists have a tough time, as overtaking these huge vehicles can become difficult. 
These are not modern trucks, but old models which are frequently seen in developing countries.

trucks blocking the expressway

Trucks carry huge loads on narrow roads, including dangerous stuff like gas and large things which could roll off and cause accidents!

heavy trucks on highway

A high contrast photo of trucks lined up at a petrol station. The petrol pump is lighted up for some reason making it a pretty picture.

trucks at night at petrol station

This is a picture of trucks with a painted effect. A graphic.

three painted trucks

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