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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Golkonda Fort design and architecture

These are images of some ancient Indian designs, more than ten centuries old. Architectural as well other types of carvings at the Golkonda or Golconda Fort on the outskirts Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh, India. Inside the fort are the ruins of bastions and cannons, gateways and drawbridges, royal apartments, temples and mosques. The Fort at Golkonda was built by the ruling kings of the Kakatiya dynasty which ruled this area in the twelfth century AD.

Here is one of the decorated arches in the fort complex. Intricate designs can be seen all around the arch and two lions are carved on to the top of the arched doorway. Underneath, just above the entrance, there are carvings of two peacocks. Animal figures were frequently used in ancient Indian Art.

Golconda Fort decorated arch in Hyderabad India

A close up of one of the elaborately decorated walls of the fort. The turrets boast of a geometric design of circles, diamond shapes but also flowery designs like small flowers in the centre and elongated petals and leaves.
carved wall of golkonda fort in Hyderabad

A small marble decoration on one of the inside walls of the Golkonda Fort, in the chambers.
marble decoration at golconda fort in hyderabad

A decorated pillar at the Golkonda Fort.
decorated pillar at Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad India

One of the arched passageways inside the Golkonda Fort.
arched passageway at Golkonda Fort

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Wine Glasses

These are images of wine glasses of different shapes and sizes kept upside down on a glass shelf. Shiny large wine glasses against a darl red and gray background.

wine glasses on a glass shelf

A close-up shiny transparent wine glasses with their legs up and face down. Some short, some long.
close up of wine glasses

Two wine glasses set on a dining table with plates, napkins and a salt and pepper shakers. The lighting in the restaurant has a pinkish hue giving the image the pinkish tone.
two wine glasses on a set table

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bonsai of Gular, Chilly and a Christmas Tree

Here are some photographs of bonsai. The first one is of the Gular, the bonsai of a tree commonly found tree in North India and Kashmir and of the same species as Banyan. In the background to the right is a bonsai of a tamarind tree.
gular bonsai plant

A bonsai plant of a chillies tree. A single red chilly can be seen brightening up the picture.
chilly bonsai plant

A maxi-bonsai plant of a Christmas tree.
christmas tree bonsai plant

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clothes Lines

These are pictures of clothes hung out to dry in the sun, on the streets, on balconies, in the fields in rural Indian and on terraces of houses. Unlike developed countries hardly anyone in India uses dryers to dry their clothes. This might result in the uglification of buildings and the streets, but it saves the earth from green-house gases. And strangely enough, I found that there was something artistic about these clothes which were hung out to dry. Some type of random art.

This first one shows some trousers and shirts hanging out to dry on a fence. Slum dwellers who live under a flyover bridge have hung their clothes here.

slum dwellers clothes hanging out to dry on a fence

This building looks ugly because of the tarpaulin (which protects the houses from the Mumbai monsoons) and also the clothes which are hanging out to dry on the small balconies and even the barred windows. These are very tiny apartments and have no other space to dry their clothes.

clothes hanging out to dry on tiny balconies

Clothes drying in a backyard in rural India.

People dry their clothes wherever they can, and that includes in a ditch near their hut and near some abandoned pipes. Possibly this is near a construction site.

clothes drying at a construction site

A novel way to dry clothes, and that too in the shade! These clothes have been hung out to dry in a farmer's field, under an open water tank.

clothes drying in a field

A ramshackle clothesline in rural India. A clothes line on thin wooden branches, a kind of makeshift clothes line. Clothes hanging in the open air dry quickly in Indian weather, even if it rains!

clothes line on wooden sticks

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Silhouettes of people skating

These are silhouettes of people skating - roller skating on the roads as well as ice skating.
The first image is a silhouette of a couple roller skating on a road side by side. They are all dressed up against the cold with jackets. They are also wearing knee pads. This is a Caucasian couple.
couple skating on road

These are silhouettes of girls and women skating on an ice rink. The ice skating silhouettes are based on photos taken in Bangkok and are silhouettes of Asians.

This silhouette is of a young girl sliding along in a sitting position on the ice rink.

silhouette of a young girl ice skating

A silhouette of young girl gliding gracefully on an ice rink.

young girl ice skating silhouette

A silhouette of an Asian woman ice skating.

silhouette of young Asian woman ice skating

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Car Wash

These are pictures of two types of car washes in Europe. One is an automatic car wash and the other has the facility of a water hose which one can use on payment. You enter into an open garage, park your car and use a strong hose to hose down your car. You have these in India too although there is always an attendant.

car wash with woman washing her car

This one is an automatic car wash, with some felt-type of heavy-duty cleaning contraptions clean your car as you drive through it. Water is sprayed automatically on to the car.

automatic car wash

car in automatic car wash

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Designs and wall paintings from the Edfu Temple in Egypt

The Temple of Edfu is an ancient Egyptian temple located on the west bank of the Nile in the city of Edfu, built in between 237 and 57 BCE and dedicated to the falcon god Horus. This post has images of the sculptures, wall paintings and other forms of ancient Egyptian art and writings (hieroglyphics) found at the Edfu Temple. The walls writings are about ancient Egyptian myths and religion during the Greco-Roman period when this temle was built. In fact, some of the inscriptions on the temple walls write of  construction details! Scenes from the conflict between Horus and Seth are also on these walls.

carved walls of Edfu temple in Egypt

The images on the temple walls range from fully armed warriors with weapons like bows or farmers working in the fields or women in different poses. There are also images of ancient Egyptian gods, kings, queens and princes, and musicians.

carved figures on Egyptian temple walls

Both the men and the women are carrying a staff of some kind perhaps used in a religious ritual.

carved figures of men and women on temple walls in Egypt

Women wearing a head-dress and jewelery.
figurines carved on temple walls in Edfu in Egypt

This is part of a the bottom of an elaborated carved inner sanctum of the Edfu Temple. These inscriptions are writings of some sort.
hieroglyphics writing on Egyptian temple walls

The artistic skills of the ancient Egyptians are evident here. They decorated their temples and sacred places in great detail. Although the colours have faded over time the beauty of their art is visible. Whether it was statues, reliefs, paintings, pottery, sculptures or elaborated decorated coffins and tombs, the ancient Egyptians were a very highly evolved culture dedicated to art and beauty.
elaborately painted and carved egyptian temple walls

Here are some wall reliefs at the Edfu Temple.

The base of a carved wall at one of the entrances of a temple hall. The inscriptions are writings, and Egyptian written language is called hieroglyphics.The writing was beautifully pictures and an art form. Hieroglyphics were either drawn, carved or painted.
hieroglyphics on temple walls

A sculpture of the falcon god in the Edfu temple complex.
falcon god sculpture at edfu temple in Egypt

Here you can see the delicate incriptions on the Edfu temple pillars that used to hold up the large halls.  Egyptians were great lovers of art.
temple inscription at Edfu

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Edfu Temple in Egypt

The Temple of Edfu is an ancient Egyptian temple located on the west bank of the Nile in the city of Edfu. Some of it was destroyed by fundamentalist Christians as the temple was considered "unchristian." Some of the inner roofs and walls are blackened, as if by fire when Christians tried to destroy the beautiful art on the walls of the temple. The temple initially had 3 large halls, a barque sanctuary and has 9 chapels around it. It is a typical example of an ancient Egyptian temple.

The temple is dedicated to the falcon god Horus and was built in the Ptolemaic period between 237 and 57 BCE, the Graeco-Roman Period. It had been buried in the sand and the French re-discovered it. The Efu Temple lies near the banks of the river Nile.

This is a long shot of the temple as one goes towards it.

Edfu temple in Egypt

The pillars of the temple with a main wall behind it. A lot of it is in ruins today.

ruins of the temple of edfu in egypt

A close look at the ruins of the temple with the intricately carved pillars.

carved pillars of edfu temple in egypt

A closer look at the beautiful ancient art on the walls of the temple.

ancient edfu art on temple walls

The inner courtyard of the temple which is milling with tourists.

Tourists milling about outside the Edfu temple

Another view of the inside hall of the temple. The roof is gone.

edfu temple hall in city of edfu on the banks of the river nile in egypt

And inner sanctum which houses a mummy and the falcon god guarding it.

mummy guarded by god horus in edfu temple sanctuary

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Chinese Architecture Sketches

Chinese architecture has its own unique style and is centuries old, as ancient as Chinese civilisation itself. It is a classThere is an emphasis on articulation and bilateral symmetry. Some of these pencil sketches have elaborate shading and are more like black and white illustrations. This brings out the elaborate decorations and artistic work on these buildings. The intricate carvings, and also hanging decorations that beautify these structures is shown.

Some are simple line drawings.

This is an illustration of a Chinese style building at Shanghai in a garden complex called Yu Garden. Note the turret like structures forming the roof which point upwards. They appear to be decorative. The balconies of this building are also well decorated and in fact the whole building looks adorned.

sketch of Yu garden building in Shanghai

This is a sketch with simple lines without shading of the same building at Lu Gardens in Shanghai.

line drawing of chinese architecture

This elaborate dome-like structure is part of a temple complex. It is not the main building.  The roofs are built in a way to let the rain water flow away. Bamboo and wood is used. On the first floor of the structure you can see a small balcony going right around. Most of these balconies are very narrow and more for ventilation rather than anything else.
sketch of a Chinese temple building

This is a sketch of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. The bottom part of the dome was not included as it was just a mass of tourists. This one is very elaborately decorated as it is a temple. A detailed and high res image of these sketches are with me.

sketch of the Temple of Heavan in China

This is a sketch of one of the decorative arches of The Great Mosque of Xian, China. A large part of the structure is made of wood.

sketch of mosque arch chinese style

This building or buddhist temple sketch is part of a Buddha temple complex in China. The tall concrete or stone structure is tapering towards the top.

A building we saw on the way to the Great Wall of China. Not the sloping roofs built in a way to let rain water flow away.  Here the balcony is slightly larger.

A sketch of a chinese style building outside Beijing in China.
chinese style building in China

This is a sketch of a temple like structure in the Chinese style of architecture situated in a temple complex. Note the elaborately curved arches and decorated doors and windows, typical of sacred structures.
sketch of chinese architecture building

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