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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Indian Artisans making small statues

These are photographs of both female and male artisans in India making small statues out of plaster of paris and mud for sale to tourists. Many of these figurines and figures are replicas of various gods, goddesses and saints and are often sold outside temples. The pictures were taken on the way from Bhubaneshwar to Puri, just off the main road.

This photograph is a close-up of a man working on a small statue of Sai Baba of Shirdi. He is painstakingly painting the eyes of the figure.

male artisan

Women work alongside the men. In certain parts of India (the north and east) they cover their heads. This woman is working on a statue of Mirabai, a saint. Around her are lying other painted figures. Birds like parrots and peacocks are popular in India. Bright green and bright orange are popular colors.

female artisan

Here is another picture of the same woman. She is a mother of a toddler who is resting in plain sight on a home-made hammock in the background. The brightly painted figurines are visible in the foreground.

woman artisan at work

Here are some of the pretty and colourful statues ready for sale. Images of different gods like Hanuman can be seen in the photo.

statues for sale

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Balcony and railing designs of old Pune houses or wadas

These are railing designs from balconies of old houses in Pune. Most of these houses are not in a good condition and many are on their way out. Long balconies covering the whole facade of the building are a common signature of old Pune architecture. The concept of separate balconies for each room did not exist then. When it came to open space, it was either these type of balconies and/or courtyards on the ground floor of the wadas or houses. Most of these houses used to be occupied by a single owner.

double storeyed balcony

Today most of these old houses are occupied by middle class people. They are now increasingly selling out to builders, and these old structures are being replaced by new (ugly) buildings, mostly for commercial activity.

balcony of old house

This building was probably built in the fifties or earlier.

balcony railing designs

A pretty old house with intricate balcony railings ruined a little by the posters and commercial signs

ornate balcony railings

This is quite a spectacularly preserved old building on Laxmi Road, Pune. The balcony railing on the top floor are different from the one on the first floor. Stained glass decorates a part of building.
beautiful railings on old house

Often these old buildings fall prey to commercial interests and this results in the uglification of the facade of the building. Hoardings and billboards ruin the face of the buildings.

balcony of old house

This is a beautiful old building with stained glass. It was drizzling the day I took some of the photos the rain is visible in the photos.

building with stained glass and balcony

This balcony railing looks plain at first glance but a closer look reveals a more intricate design. This building is not as old as the other ones, and was probably built sometime in the seventies, or maybe the sixties.

unusual balcony design

This is a building in Goa. Added it here because of the unique design of the metal railing on a verandah. It looked like an old building, although not typical of the Goa houses.

Goa balcony

One rarely sees wooden railings in India. But here is one example of an old building with a long wooden railing on the balcony. One is not sure whether the walls partitioning different rooms were part of the original design or not, but now the building is divided into various different dwellings, all small spaces for middle class people.

wooden railings

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drive Thru at Macdonalds in India

Here are some photographs of the Drive Thru at Macdonald's in India.
This is a Macdonald's employee serving us coffee. In the background you can see the restaurant and some other employees waiting behind the counter.
Serving coffee at drive-thru

A MacDonald's server serving us coffee and sugar. He is wearing the standard blue uniform and blue cap.
Machdonald Server at Drive-In

This is a Macdonald's employee handing us a coke through the drive-thru window.
selling coke at drive-thru

Friday, May 27, 2011

The streets of Paris in pictures

These are photographs taken on the streets of Paris and there are a few photos of the canals. They capture the atmosphere of the city. Paris leaves a unique imprint in the minds of tourists.
This photograph is of a street near a canal (which connects to the river Seine)  where street painters sell their wares. A row of small shops line the pavement next to the canal and they sell curious and paintings. These are the older districts of Paris and tourists frequent these places.
Paris street near canal

This is a close-up of the canal St Martin in Paris. A few people can be seen walking on the road next to the canal.
canal in paris

Here is a bunch of tourists crowded onto a boat on the canal. This is one way of seeing Paris. The boat is packed with people and just going under one of the numerous bridges across the canal.
tourists on canal on boat

Paris as a city is not as clean as one expects it to be, although it is cleaner than Rome. Here is a shot taken from atop a tourist bus and shows a couple walking down a deserted Paris street. Litter can be seen on the side of the road. To the left of the image is part of the tourist bus from which this photograph was taken.
couple walking on Paris street

This is a typical Paris scene. A street cafe at the corner. People seem to spend hours sitting here, doing nothing.
cafe on Paris street

Another cafe on the streets of Paris. It is evening and customers are relaxed and having a drink
closeup of Paris cafe

These last two photographs have been lifted off a video which I took at a Paris Square. These are are stills from the video. To improve the image quality the sky was made smoother. The area is a commercial district.
Paris square

view of Paris square

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friendship in pictures

These photographs depict friendship between people.

This picture was taken in a park in Matheran. This group of college students are engrossed in checking out something on a cell phone. Their body language clearly shows their closeness.
young students looking at cell phone

This is a picture of three young boys sharing an umbrella. The photograph was taken in Puducherry.
kids sharing an umbrella

This image shows two men, probably labourers, chatting while sitting on a divider in the middle of the road in Mumbai, quite oblivious to the traffic!
two friends talking

This group of young men are sharing a joke at a bus-stop. Waiting with friends is never boring.
friends sharing a laugh

These two youngsters are walking towards the sea at a beach in Goa.
pals on the beach

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sugarcane fields

Here are photographs of sugarcane fields in Maharashtra, India.

Here you can see the sugarcane crop in the foreground and a lake and hills in the background. A picturesque scene.

pretty sugarcane fields

In this photograph you can see farm workers, both men and women, cutting the sugarcane crop.

farmers cutting sugarcane

Another view of the sugarcane fields with the hills and the sky as the background.

sugarcane fields

Sugarcane growing next to the main road.

sugarcane growing next to road

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buildings under construction

Here are some photographs of buildings under construction in India.

This first photograph is a close-up of an apartment building under construction.

construction graphic

This is a photograph of a hotel under construction in Mumbai, India

hotel under construction

This is an auditorium under construction in Thane, Maharashtra, India. The last slab (of the ceiling) is yet to be made. Tiny figures of construction workers can be seen working on the construction site.

auditorium under construction

This image shows a commercial complex being constructed in Mumbai, India. Metal girders and a crane are visible in the photo.

commercial complex being made

A large construction site in China

construction site in China

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lemon and chillies for luck

Whether you are a fruit vendor or shop-owner or vehicle owner, warding off the evil eye is common. Lemon and chillies are hung to prevent it and bring you good luck. Apparently it originated in ancient times when people took long journeys and took along lemons and chillies to ward of hunger and thirst.

In this photograph the lemon and red chillies can be seen underneath the wooden hand-cart of a banana vendor in Mumbai.

lemon and chillies for good luck

Here you seen them hanging on a hook underneath the signboard of a small shop in Kolkata.
good luck charm for shop

This Pune scooter owner has made a thick garland of the lemons and chillies, using green chillies instead of red. I guess it all works because it's all in the minds of the believers.
two-wheeler warding off evil

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scooter sidecar on the streets

Scooter side-cars are rarely seen on the roads nowadays. This photograph was taken on the streets on Mumbai. There is a passenger riding in the sidecar.
scooter side-car

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Adventure Sports - Valley crossing and wall climbing

Some photographs of people crossing a small valley using thick ropes and gear in Matheran, India. This man is smiling as he crosses a small valley with the blue sky as the background. You don't need any training before you do this!

crossing valley

A man silhoutted against the sky as he crosses a valley. He is harnessed by ropes.

crossing by rope

A group of youngsters watch as their friend tries his hand at valley crossing.

valley crossing

This is a sport which mimics rock climbing and is an activity at most of the adventure resorts. The person is tied with a rope harness and has to climb a sheer vertical wall only by using small metal protrusions. It's quite difficult as one has to pull one's whole weight upwards. This photo was taken at Durshet, a small resort between Mumbai and Pune.

rock or wall climbing at resort

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tandoor Oven, tandoori rotis and cooks

These are photographs of people cooking tandoori rotis (roasted Indian bread from North India) in the typical Indian clay tandoori oven in New Delhi, India. The men in the small kitchen are from Kashmir who have set up shop in Delhi. They also appear to be living in the same place.
tandoori roti kitchen

Here you can see how the cook is making the rotis out of white refined flour (maida). He is flattening/rolling the soft white dough on a tava or bridle and then pressing it down with a wooden object (with a design) before putting it in the hot oven.
cook making tandoori rotis

This is what the final product looks like. The tandoori rotis, typical of North India, are eaten with vegetables or non-vegetarian food.
tandoori rotis

This is a photo of a close-up of the tandoori clay oven. A bottle which is used to spray fat on the food can be seen on the side.
randoori oven

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