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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Images of overweight people

These are photographs of overweight people. Some of the people in these pictures could be considered obese individuals, some fat, some just plump or well built.

These two women were seen in a busy market in Ahmedabad, India. They are middle-class women.

oveweight women shopping

An overweight middle-aged woman, a pillion rider on a motor-cycle.
fat woman on two-wheeler

Here is a plump boy. Obesity amongst well-to-do youth is rising in India.
fat boy near car

This is a young modern girl on the streets of Mumbai. She is on the heavier side.
obese girl on street

This man was waiting for a bus in Mulund, Mumbai. Not obviously overweight, but many Indians have a paunch even if they are not obese.
man with paunch

This is what the common man looks like. Slim, but with a pot belly.
man with pot belly

It is unusual to see a rickshaw driver who is fat, leave alone plump. But this one is certainly is.

overweight rickshaw driver

This elderly couple (tourists) waiting at the airport lounge in Aurangabad, India. The woman is overweight.
overweight woman at airport

These group of people were caught on camera as they walked on a London platform. The woman in the green coat is overweight
overweight woman on platform

Another overweight person in a saree.

obese woman in sari

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