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Sunday, December 26, 2010

High Calorie Food - Sausages and Fries

This image is that of sausages, fries/chips and a buttered bun served in an English pub. Eat this kind of food regularly and you are sure to put on weight! The portion is fairly large and the fat or lard is visible as a thick layer. Salt is liberally sprinkled on the fries. The sausages will be high in salt as well, as salt percentages are high in all processed foods. The greens are barely visible in the photograph. If one has to choose a fatty, unhealthy meal, this would surely be a good choice!

sausages and chips

A small sausage is around a hundred calories but these look bigger, and are probably around 150-200 calories. A small portion of chips can range between 300-400 calories and the ones here must be at least 400. The bun? At least another 100 as it is liberally buttered. So this dish should be at least 1000 calories! Not to mention the salt! This type of food would make you more hungry for the next one, because you stomach has already stretched!

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