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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chapha the tropical flower, Plumeria in English

These are close-up high resolution photographs of yellow white and purple Chapha flowers, commonly found in India and other tropical countries. The flowers are usually yellow or white but at times you find purple and pink ones too. One of the pictures here is of the purple Chapha. The Chapha is called  Plumeria in English.

Yellow Plumeria flowers with buds

This photo of the purple or violet plumeria is my favourite one. I liked the composition, the blue sky taking up a large space in the picture and the camera angle showing the flowers from underneath. Here the stark contrast between the large leaves and small flowers is evident. It has been given a certain effect on photoshop, using the paint photo tool.

violent plumeria against a vignette background

All these pictures are from bonsai plants.

White Plumeria bonsai

yellow flower close-up

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