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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wooden Handcart on a crowded city street

In this image you can see a bare wooden hand-cart resting on the side of a busy street. The starkness and stillness of the cart contrasted with the buzz and clutter on the streets. The sun was very bright and as a result various figures in the picture turned out to be near silhouettes, adding to the contrast. I thought this would make a very interesting painting. Juxtaposition of the cart and the crowded street on a hot afternoon.

handcart on city street

This is is even better. An old man, the owner of the cart waiting on the side of the road, waiting to load his cart.  These carts are hand driven and in a poor country like India offers a means of transport of a small amount of goods. The old man is literate, and reading the newspaper while he waits.

two wheeled cart with handles on a crowded street in India

A more ramshackle cart carrying large cardboard sheets.

a cart loaded with cardboard and made of two wheels pulled by a man

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