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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Funny Car Signs in India

A van carrying school kids and with a funny sign " School Kids on Boards" . The extra letter 's' being a typo!

Funny sign on van

" Wait for Side" which is seen on the back of this truck is actually a commonly used Indian English phrase. It's not in the dictionary, but easily understood by everyone in India. It means wait until you are given the signal to overtake.

Funny sign on truck

This writing on the rear windscreen of a Nano was pretty weird! And not just because of the several spelling and grammar errors like 'Specious' instead of 'Spacious' and then is 'gate in' even a phrase?

Writing on rear windscreen of a nano

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Indian Supermarket Images

Indian Supermarkets are not less than any other supermarkets in the world although they may not be so many large ones. All these photographs are of the food section of the hypermarket.

A supermarket aisle of a leading chain of supermarket stores in Western India. 

supermarket aisle

Stocked shelves of health food drinks and other food items in the grocery aisle of a supermarket in Mumbai.

Stocked shelves at a supermarket

Here is a photographs of a supermarket aisle with the workers arranging the goods on the shelves. The typical supermarket in an Indian urban centre employs scores of young people, mostly out of school or college. And it has become a great social hub as you often see the boys and girls more engrossed in themselves than in the customers! Working in an air-conditioned, clean environment, even if for long hours at a stretch is a dream come true for many of these youngsters. It has also created employment opportunities for the middle classes. 

Supermarket employees arranging goods

Packaged lentils being displayed in a supermarket aisle. A large trolley with food items in large cardboard boxes is doing the rounds to further stock up the shelves.

Lentil packets at a supermarket aisle

A customer examining the various products on display at a food supermarket.

customer in a supermarket

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cyclist holding a tempo

A common sight in India is to see cyclists holding on to motor vehicles so that they can speed along with it. The traffic police either cannot see them or turn a blind eye. In any case even if they are caught, they are simply reprimanded. It is not considered dangerous enough. Or I suppose it is dangerous only for the cyclist, no one else. These photographs were taken through the windshield of a car.

Here the cyclist is trying to catch up with the speeding van ahead of him.

Cyclist close behind a tempo

Here he managed to do it! When we overtook we realised it was a middle aged man, oblivious to the risks associated with this mode of travel. The tempo is carrying commercial goods for sale in the marketplace. Vegetables like onions and potatoes.

Cyclist holding on to tempo

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Food on a banana leaf

Food is served on a banana leaf in parts of South India. It is a traditional way of eating and considered healthy and hygienic. You do not have to worry about any soap residue on the plate or it being improperly washed. In India dish washers are rare and therefore the utensils can sometimes harbour impurities. The leaf should be rinsed before eating on it.

This is breakfast being served in a hotel in South India on a banana leaf. Wada and Idli with chutney.

food on a banana leaf

After eating you close the leaf in half.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Women cycling in India

In a poor country like India cycling to work is common, but it is the men who usually do it. Sure, upper class women cycle for exercise or leisure  but women's emancipation is more for the upper classes. Well-to-do Indian women do drive to work in motor vehicles but women from the poorer classes avoid taking a cycle to work, unlike their men.
Women cycling to work have been spotted in Puducherry or Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu, and Pune in Maharashtra. These photographs have all been taken in Puducherry.

This is a photograph of a girl in a pink salwar kameez cycling in a village near Puducherry.

Indian girl cycling

A woman in Puducherry on a cycle.

Woman cycling to work

A foreigner cycling in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu. Plenty of people cycle for leisure in Puducherry, and so do the tourists.

white woman on cycle in Puducherry

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Sitting on one's haunches

It is quite common for people in countries like India and China to sit on their haunches. Mostly it is the poor who do so when there are no chairs for them to sit. Mostly on the road side waiting for something or the other. Sitting on one's haunches is actually very good for flexibility and is considered an exercise. A pity that few of us do it nowadays.

Here are two men in China, on the streets, sitting on their haunches on the roadside.

chinese men sitting on their haunches

A man in South India resting on his haunches on the pavement.

man on haunches

A man sitting on his haunches which he appears to find more comfortable than actually sitting on the ledge on Marine Drive in Mumbai

man sitting on his haunches

A holy man sitting on his haunches on a ledge on the side of a bridge.

Sadhu sitting on haunches

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Indian youth rural and urban

Youngsters like to hang out. In villages they often hang out in old buildings or under trees.

Young men from a village

In urban areas street corners and cafes are the more likely hang out joints.

Young men at a street corner

Or they could hang out after their classes. Chatting and a bit of fun and laughter.

Young students chatting

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Butterfly Wallpaper

Here are colorful and pretty photographs of brown spotted butterflies drinking nectar from a plant. Green leafy background with a pink flower. The pictures are similar, but different. The second image is a closer up, and focuses on the butterfly on the right.

These images look good as desktop backgrounds too and make pretty pictures for calenders.

Spotted Brown Butterfly drinking nectar from a plant

Brown Butterflies

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