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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Young girls enjoying an ice-cream bar

This is a candid photograph of two young girls in India enjoying an ice-cream on a stick.

two young girls eating ice-cream on a stick

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Interiors of rural homes in India

These photos of the inside of villagers' homes were taken in a small village with 500 houses no more in Maharashtra, India, and there were no huts here. All pucca houses. A curious aspect of houses in India (not just in rural homes) is that there is less of a demarcation between the different types of rooms.

These photographs also demonstrate that rural India used consumer brands, with Parachute coconut oil and Colgate toothpaste found in almost every home! Consumer durables like refrigerators, coolers and generators and even hair dryers are used frequently in afflluent homes. FMCG products like talcom powder, toothpaste and even face wash is used. It is a myth that rural folk subsist on toothpowder and basic soaps!

In these homes the kitchen often serves as a dining room and often even a living room where the family sits and spends time with each other. It also functions as a store-room with large containers with grains lined on the side. The distinction between the bedroom and living rooms is blurred, with the bed serving as a seating area. One is not sure why this is so. It could be because of numerous family members (in some cases two wives as was seen in this case) including several children. This makes it quite difficult to have separate rooms for everyone and rooms are thus shared.

bedroom in Indian village

An air cooler in a village home. A photographed of a married couple, a poster of a celebrity or historical figure and a framed photograph of a diety (Ganesh) decorate the wall.

living room in Indian village

In this bedroom the attic area is used to store grains which are from their own farms.

bedroom in rural home

There is no shortage of consumer durables in rural homes. From a sewing machine, to television sets to coolers, it's all there although electricity plays truant.

consumer goods in a rural home in India

The furniture may not be swanky, and in fact cheaply made either of board or plastic, but it's there for its utilitarian value.

interior of a rural Indian home

These are closeups of different shelves in the house. This one is of a dressing table area. Dettol, a face wash and a couple of hair dryers lie around.

consumer brands in rural homes

consumer goods in a rural Indian home

More FMCG goods seen here alongwith with branded medicines like Vicks Vaporub.

branded medicines in rural homes in India

A wash-basin in a rural home with Colgate toothpaste and an after-shave lotion.
washbasin in a rural home in India

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Flowers as backgrounds

A single orange flower against a green background. Orange hibiscus with striped yellow and green leaves. Higher res images available.

orange hibuscus

Here is a painted impression of violet chapha (plumeria) flowers against a fading blue and white vignette background. In the foreground are the large green leaves of the chapha. A slight effect has been given to this picture, a painted look.
violent plumeria or chapha

White flowers like a cobra's head. A herbaceous perennial with white flowers which look like the hood or head of a cobra. Also called the peace lily.
white peace lily

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Temple Outlines and Sketches

These are sketches of different types of Hindu temples. This one is a large temple, with a few spires at the back. The main rectangular area in front of the inner sanctum is a prayer area.

black and white sketch or a large Hindu temple

A sketch of a Hanuman Temple with a large temple steeple in the background and a huge statue of Hanuman in front of the temple. Hanuman is usually portrayed as larger than life.
sketch of a Hanuman temple

A simple black and white sketch or line drawing of a small temple in India.
black and white line drawing of small Hindu temple

A black and white sketch of a small Hindu temple.
sketch of small temple in India

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Chinese architecture silhouettes

Silhouettes of different examples of the Chinese style of architecture.Chinese architecture has its own unique style and is centuries old, as ancient as Chinese civilisation itself. There is an emphasis on articulation and bilateral symmetry.

This is a silhouette of a rather staid and normal building on the outskirts of Beijing.

building in China

A simple black and white silhouette of a few buildings in the Forbidden City complex.
black and white silhouette

Another main building in the Forbidden City complex.
silhouette of chinise building

A black and white silhouette of the Temple of Heavan in China.
black and white silhouette of the Temple of Heavan

A silhouette of a shopping complex in Lu Garden in Shanghai.
silhouette of a chinese building

A silhouette of a small temple like structure inside a large temple complex. The intricacy of the decorate work on the doors and windows has been highlighted.
temple silhouette

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Young Muslim boys

This is a photograph of young Muslim boys in traditional dress waiting to cross the road in fading light. The photo was taken on the side of a road near Airoli (near Mumbai, India) and near a suburban railway station. They are wearing a type of salwar kameez often donned by Muslims as a traditional dress.

young muslim boys in traditional dress

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meenakshi Temple or Tiru-alavai images

The Meenakshi Amman Temple or Tiru-alavai is located in Madurai, also known as India's Temple City which is over two and a half thousand old. The temple itself has been re-built (1623 to 1655) on the ruins of an ancient temple which existed for centuries but which was invaded and destroyed by the Mughals (Malik Kafur in 1310). The ancient temple existed as early as the 7th century ( it has been.  The beauty and fame of the temple has spread and it was one of the 30 nominees for the "New Seven Wonders of the World."

The temple is built in the honour of Parvati (also known as Meenakshi) and the her consort, Shiva (Sundareswarar), and is a huge temple complex with 14 gateway towers and over 30,000 sculptures! This is one of the tall towers with elaborately carved sculptures.

Meenakshi Temple tower in Madurai Tamil Nadu

Another temple tower, even larger than the previous one.
Meenakshi Temple in Madurai Tamil Nadu

One of the smaller temple towers with sculptures of deities.
ancient sculptures in Tiru-alavai in Madurai Tamil Nadu

Inside the Meenakshi temple. Even here there are elaborate carvings.
inside the Meenakshi temple compelex in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Male sculptures in Vatican city museum

Here are images of the sculptures of Hercules, Tiber (Greek Gods) and also that of Laocoon in the Vatican city. There are all types of sculptures of male figures at the Vatican museum in Rome, some are gods and some are men. The sculptures and statues, sculpted decorations and paintings here are priceless masterpieces. Renaissance artists including Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturicchio worked on the paintings, statues and sculptures and frescoes in the chapel.

This is a bronze metal statue of the demi-god Hercules in the museum of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Fairly a modest statue if one compares it to the other statues. Hercules was the son of thr God Zeus but his mother was a mortal.

Greek God Hercules in bronze

This is a sculpture the River God Tiber in the Vatican Museum, sculpted during the Roman period. The river Tiber was where Rome was founded and this river was life-giving for the people. It is natural that the ancient Romans worshipped the river. A pity that the symbolic worshipping of nature is now looked down upon.

Greek River God Tiber

This white marble sculpture of Laocoon and sons (Trojan priest Laocoon and his sons Antiphantes and Thymbraeus being strangled by sea serpents) is one of the more famous sculptures in the museum of the Vatican city museum in Rome.

white marble statue of Trojan priest Laocoon and sons

Most of the sculptures in the Vatican city are male figures, although sculptures of female figures can be found too.

vatican building in Rome

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Beer glasses close-ups

Close up shots of frothing beer in glasses.

close up of a beer glass with beer

A more fruity draft beer being poured into a glass from a tap.
beer  being poured into a tall glass

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kuala Lumpur photographs

A serene view of a main street in Kuala Lumpur showing the Merdeka Square with one of its most famous buildings which is also a  historical landmark. Primarily famous for its Islamic style architecture, it was built in colonial times and today houses the courts. It has 40-metre high clock tower.

Merdeka Square and main road in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

A Kuala Lumpur street with its trademark palm tree and iconic buildings in the background. A pretty street-lamp adds interest to the picture.
street in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

The skycrapers of Kuala Lumpur are impressive and ofcourse the twin towers have come to symbolize Malaysia. 
skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

There's more to Kuala Lumpur that it's fancy buildings and skyscrapers. This picture that more than just encapsulates Kuala Lumpur, with it's metro running over a busy and bustling modern city. Fancy cars and ads in the foreground.
busy city street with metro in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

In the foreground there is a fancy lit-up part of a mall, and in the background the iconic Petronas twin towers of Kuala Lumpur.
commercial mall in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

All of KL is not pretty or rich. This photograph shows the housing of the poorer section of the society.
housing for the poor in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Diya graphics and illustrations and Sketch

These are simple coloured graphics of a diya or deepak or deep and are small earthen lamps used in festivals across India. It is an essential part of any religious ritual and Diwali or Deepawali is a Festival of Lights. During this festivals it is a tradition to light as many of these tiny lights as possible, as a kind of decoration of the house.

Fire itself has significance in all religions, and these diyas or lamps in Hinduism are symbols of purification and truth and upliftment.

All of these images are simple graphics of a multi-colored clay diya or small clay lamp. This one is a colourful illustration of a clay lamp
clay lamp illustration

A waxy effect and look given to the diya image, using the plastic wrap function of Photoshop.

illustration of a lighted lamp with a waxy effect

A painted and colored illustration of a clay lamp or diya, giving a slightly diffused effect.
painted lamp illustration

A glowing outline of a diya on a black background. A glowing line drawing.
glowing outline of a lighted Diwali lamp

A black and white sketch of the same diya or lighted clay lamp.
sketch of clay lamp

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Emu the bird

Although native to Australia, these pictures are of Emus in India, at an Emu farm.

Emus are farmed for their oil, and leather and the meat, although not a white meat, is lean and thus healthy. Besides, it has low levels of cholesterol, is  high in iron, and ofcourse protein and is low-fat. The drawbacks are that it is a little tricky to cook, and also expensive. Perhaps that is why it has not become popular.

Emu the bird

The face of an Emu. An Emu's facial features consists of dark bristly hair, yellow staring eyes and a prominent beak.
Emu face

The profile of an Emu!
side-view of an Emu bird

A bunch of emus prancing around at an Emu farm.
Emu birds in a farm

An Emu sitting down.

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