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Friday, September 2, 2011

Ravana photograph and sketch

Rāvana or Ravan or रावण was a king in the ancient country of Lanka according to legend and the villain in the holy epic of Ramayana. He is depicted as a demon with ten heads. These are photographs of Ravan from a mural or  painting I saw in the village of Dakshinachitra, a heritage village near Chennai. This is a genuine ancient piece of art which was hung in frame with a gray background. I have reproduced the beautiful painting here but changed the background to white to make the figure of Ravan to stand out  better.

Certain parts of the painting have been damaged as it's old, but even then it looks like colourful and spectacular. There was no artist's name on the painting which confirms that this painting must be at least a hundred years old.

Ravana Painting

While toying with photoshop I altered the original painting a little to give it a dark look.
ravana depiction

This is a sketch or drawing of Ravan or Ravana, based on the painting above.
ravana sketch

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