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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bank ATMs in India

Here are some photos of Automated teller machine or ATM's in Mumbai, India. They were invented in the sixties in the United States for ease of getting cash out of banks. About a decade ago ATM's were not common in India and about 20 years ago they were rare. In the eighties they weren't any as far as I know.  Today even the labour class uses debit and credit cards to withdraw money from ATM's. Can't imagine how one got money out of banks without them! Oh yes, take leave from work to go to the bank! Wait in lines for a long time to withdraw cash. And you better not think of a cash advance after the bank's working hours!

An Axis Bank ATM with a relaxed security guard.
axis bank ATM

A row of ATM's outside a suburban railway station at a parking lot. ATM's of Canara Bank, ICICI Bank and Punjab National Bank. Don't see any security here at all. In one of the ATM's you can see a man withdrawing money through the glass door and the other two are empty.
ATM's in India

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