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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A village in Maharashtra

These are photographs of a small village near Nasik, in the state of Maharashtra, India. You can see both huts and small village houses in these pictures.

Here is the main road of the village, a small tar road going through the whole little village. Some of the houses are pucca houses made of brick and painted over although they are simply small blocks with a few rooms.  There are many huts too, used by the poor. Toilets are usually not built in the smaller village houses. Interesting to note that even a village cannot escape political posters/hoardings wishing politicians happy birthday! This menace has afflicted whole of this country!

village scene

Another side entrance into the same village, a narrow mud road leading straight to the temple. In this case, a Hanuman temple. All villages have a couple of temples, and one main one.

village road to temple

A group of villagers, young and old, relaxing in the verandah of their house.

villagers in village

One of the older houses in the village which seems mostly unoccupied. It seems a stronger structure than the others as it seems to be made of stone, at least the ground floor. The design of the wooden doors are an indication that this structure is very old, possibly more than a hundred years old.

ancient house in village

A close-up of the courtyard of one of the houses to show the Tulsi plant. This plant is considered sacred by Hindus and often used in pujas. It can be considered one of the symbols of Hinduism and is often found in the courtyars of religious Hindus. On top of the door you can see a lemon and some green chillies hanging. These are considered to ward off the evil eye. The walls appear to be made with bricks and cement and the roof is a tin one.
tulsi plant in village

A shot of the outskirts of the village, near rolling hills. Huts can be seen with with tin roofs and some cobbled roofs.
village huts

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