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This page will contain the names of the owners and their websites which use my photographs without attribution. Earlier I used to contact them and ask them to attribute the stolen picture. However I have found from experience that they do not bother to reply so I do this rarely now. I have surmised that they do not reply because it is not an accident nor ignorance that they post copyrighted images. It is a deliberate act of swiping someone else's photos and can be considered copyright theft. Most of them are the commercial spam websites which steal pictures from around the net, more out of habit, and laziness than anything else.

What I do now is simply complain to google and wait for them to take action. They respond within 10 days and remove the photograph from the search results. I also write to the website hosts. The hosts can inform the website owner but unfortunately cannot force him or her to take down the stolen material. So I do not always do this.

Some of the information will also be posted here, not all. If the information becomes and old and irrelevant (if the stolen material is removed) then the names could possibly be deleted.

The Association of Port Health Authorities, Chadwick Court, 15 Hatfields, London took one of my photos.
Here: Port Health site of the UK (

The original is here:

I wrote but they did not reply, so I complained to Google. Google says they cannot do anything, and the reason is probably because this is an UK government site. All the more shame on the port health association of the UK. They can certainly afford to pay for the photographs. But they don't because Google has no jurisdiction on them probably. These people really deserve to be in my Hall of Shame because they know that an unknown blogger from India is not going to file a court case in the UK.

CLIPARTBEST.COM IS A SPAM and UNETHICAL SITE, a Canada based site hosted by OVH Hosting, Inc. has these stolen images of silhouettes of people.

1) Page where image is
Actual image
2) Page where image is
Actual image
3) Page where image is
Actual image

My image silhouettes which are drawn by me after hours of work and also based on photographs taken by me are here:

I made a complaint to Google and also to the website host. They said they informed the website owner but can do nothing else unless I file a court case!

Google fortunately responded and said the pages removed from search results. Cheers to google!
Hopefully the owner will now either delete the site or remove the images. STEALS IMAGES
I had always had a poor opinion of because this is not the first time my copyrighted images have been found there. A government agency MTNL is hosting this site which steals pictures.

This is the stolen image on which I used to get a fair amount of page views. Now it all goes to the unethical Burrp owners, a site hosted by MTNL.

Here are my original images:

Update: After a complant to Google, it has been removed. :) 


This website is hosted by: UptimeArchive, Inc. a Canada based company.

My copyrighted photographs of the Mumbai Municipality have been stolen by this shady website. This is where my stolen photographs have been posted:
This is a bad and unethical site. Avoid it.

The originals are here:

I asked them to remove my photos from their site but they did not bother to reply.

Google Search brings up my photographs from this dubious and spam site (called freelisthub) as the first ones on the first page when one searches for mumbai muncipality heritage. What a pity that my own original pictures are not listed anywhere on the first page of google search. In fact I could not find my photographs of the Mumbai Muncipality on google search unless I typed in my site name. This means that my photos will never come up in a search but this spam and fraud site is benefiting. It has clearly has only stolen photographs. Unethical people!

I have complained to Google and I hope they remove the offensive material. So far they have not.