Free Images for everyone can be found here!!

Bloggers, you can use photographs from here for free, if your your blog is non-commercial. If a commercial website, the cost is nominal. All pictures on this blog are copyrighted to me. If an image is used, do attribute it as specified here! These photos are only for blogs/websites. If distributed, same conditions apply to end-user. Brick and mortar businesses have to pay (unless non-profit).Thanks.

The photos cannot be sold. For commercial purposes other than the web, pay as specified here. Select photos by using the SEARCH function under the Archives, found at the bottom of page (my email id is there too) or labels at bottom of each post. To see original image, click on image or ask me for a bigger and better one.


Why I started this blog:

I started this photoblog because I love taking photographs and want the world to see them. Nothing gives me greater thrill than to share them. There are not many places on the net where you can download photographs of a decent resolution quickly, and that too for free. Many "free" sites trick you into looking at images which you have to pay for. That can be a pain after you find a photo on a "free" site after a lot of effort. My aim is to create a free resource for bloggers. The only condition is the Attribution, which too can be avoided in certain cases where it is not possible to do it.

On this site, all the photographs are free for web use as long as it is non-commercial. Only the commercial companies need to actually pay for a photograph.  If you are looking for a photograph for web use, then you can download most of the photos on my blog immediately. Some of them have a watermark and you can write to me and I will respond within 24 hours. If you need a photo in a higher resolution, just ask.

The majority of the photographs on this blog are by me. Some have been given to me (to post on this blog) by people close to me. Even if you do not want to buy any photo but like this site, and want to donate go to this link  (it's the link to my Paypal account) and donate as little as 1 USD. If you live in India you can credit as little as ₹ 50/- to my account. Email me at blog(dot)nita(at) for the bank details.

About the photos on the blog:
The pictures on this blog are of everything under the sun. A slice of life would be a good way to describe them. Naturally, a lot of them are about India as I live in India. As I have travelled to several countries you will find pictures from other parts of the world as well. There are graphics and illustrations too.

About the legal aspect:
It is legal to take photographs of people in public places and you can read about it here. However, if the photograph is sold, and if there is a model in the photograph, the law states that he or she should be paid. Most of my photos do not have models. In some cases where the faces are clear, if any person finds his or her photo here and objects to it, please let me know and I will remove the photograph. This is not a requirement by law but I do not wish to use any photograph if the person does not like it.

About Me: 
I am an amateur photographer but I hesitate to use this term because it implies that I know something about photography. My knowledge is limited or rather I have none!

Thanks for coming to my blog and I hope you find it useful.