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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Expressway Scenery

Travelling on the expressway is still quite a pleasant experience especially on days when there is less traffic. The scenery is a sight for sore eyes.

A farmer tending to his field in rural Maharashtra

A farmer tending to his fields amongst the sugarcane fields with his goats for company.

Scenic Beauty around Akluj

The countryside around the Fratelli winery at Akluj is beautiful and stark. The clear air, the blue skies and the vast vineyards spread across the sprawling land are a sight to see.


To watch the sunset from a place called the Machan (belonging to the Fratelli winery) gives a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Fratelli Vineyards

Fratelli Vineyards, a 3- hour drive from Pune have acres and acres of vineyards. Visiting during the harvest season means that you see vines laden with grapes. 
The accommodation is clean and spacious though not 5-star. 
Besides the normal wine tasting, you can wander around the beautiful vineyards, walk or bike and experience lovely sunset. Food served is simple but tasty. Very affordable at 6500/- for a day/night with all 3 meals included.

For more photos you can check here.

Akluj Fort

Akluj Fort is just over a hundred km from Solapur in Maharashtra. This fort is several hundred years old but has been well restored which is not that common in India. Another name of the fort is Shivshrushti, a new name. Several important historical figures have lived at this fort and prisoners too.  

The main gate has been re-built, thus created during the renovation project.

Inside the fort:-

The lawns are well maintained.

There is also a museum which has models of different forts of India as well as frescoes depicting scenes from the period.

If you are in the vicinity, this is worth a visit. You can improve on your historical knowledge and at Rs 20/- a ticket it's almost free.