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Monday, September 3, 2012

Drinking in a beer bar or pub

A pub called Toits in Bangalore. This picture shows the row of alcohol bottles stacked on a shelf behind the bar. A customer is sitting on a bar chair.

bar and pub with customers in Bangalore

A closeup of a bartender dispensing freshly brewed beer for a customer.
fresh draft beer being dispensed

This is a photograph of a pub in Bangor, Wales, in the United Kingdom. Mostly crowded with youngsters the bar serves delicious eats too.
English pub

A bar serving alcohol in Goa, India. Two women customers are sitting at the bar.
bar in Goa hotel

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  1. The music at this place deserves its own five stars. Whether its a dj or a set playlist in the background you will hear some of your favorite 90's R&b and even classic blues and soul.
    best happy hour nyc


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