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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lemon and chillies for luck

Whether you are a fruit vendor or shop-owner or vehicle owner, warding off the evil eye is common. Lemon and chillies are hung to prevent it and bring you good luck. Apparently it originated in ancient times when people took long journeys and took along lemons and chillies to ward of hunger and thirst.

In this photograph the lemon and red chillies can be seen underneath the wooden hand-cart of a banana vendor in Mumbai.

lemon and chillies for good luck

Here you seen them hanging on a hook underneath the signboard of a small shop in Kolkata.
good luck charm for shop

This Pune scooter owner has made a thick garland of the lemons and chillies, using green chillies instead of red. I guess it all works because it's all in the minds of the believers.
two-wheeler warding off evil

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