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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clothes Lines

These are pictures of clothes hung out to dry in the sun, on the streets, on balconies, in the fields in rural Indian and on terraces of houses. Unlike developed countries hardly anyone in India uses dryers to dry their clothes. This might result in the uglification of buildings and the streets, but it saves the earth from green-house gases. And strangely enough, I found that there was something artistic about these clothes which were hung out to dry. Some type of random art.

This first one shows some trousers and shirts hanging out to dry on a fence. Slum dwellers who live under a flyover bridge have hung their clothes here.

slum dwellers clothes hanging out to dry on a fence

This building looks ugly because of the tarpaulin (which protects the houses from the Mumbai monsoons) and also the clothes which are hanging out to dry on the small balconies and even the barred windows. These are very tiny apartments and have no other space to dry their clothes.

clothes hanging out to dry on tiny balconies

Clothes drying in a backyard in rural India.

People dry their clothes wherever they can, and that includes in a ditch near their hut and near some abandoned pipes. Possibly this is near a construction site.

clothes drying at a construction site

A novel way to dry clothes, and that too in the shade! These clothes have been hung out to dry in a farmer's field, under an open water tank.

clothes drying in a field

A ramshackle clothesline in rural India. A clothes line on thin wooden branches, a kind of makeshift clothes line. Clothes hanging in the open air dry quickly in Indian weather, even if it rains!

clothes line on wooden sticks

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