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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Small Buddhist shrines

Buddhists have these little prayer places, tiny temples in nooks and corners where people can pray. This is very similiar to Hindus, who tend to have a myriad of small temples at every street corner! Buddhist don't have as many, but they are common.

Candles are lit by Buddhists when they pray. Lighting candles is a part of Buddhist rituals. Incense and flowers are also used. At times there are offerings of food and drink. This is similar to Hindu rituals except that flowers and incense are more dominant in Hinduism. Also, instead of candles, diyas are lit.
small buddhist shrine

A place near the Golden Buddha Temple where there is a place to light candles.
lighting candles as a mark of respect and worship

In this little buddhist temple there are some offerings of flowers.
small buddhist shrine with offerings of flowers

A place outside a Buddhist shrine where candles are lit as a mark of respect. The light from the candles represent Buddha's teachings.
candles lit for Buddha outside a shrine

A peek into a tiny alcove which had a figure of Buddha. Not sure who the ladies are, but probably worshippers.
small buddhist prayer place

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