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Friday, August 19, 2011

Beauty Salon images

These are photographs of beauty salons.

These photographs are of a high-end salon or beauty parlours as they are called in India, although not top of the heap. Thousands can be charged for a single treatment. It is fully air-conditioned and caters to women only.

A nail bar shows the various lipsticks which the patrons can choose. A customer can be seen at the right side of the image with her feet up. She has come for a pedicure.

nailbar inside salon

A beauty salon in the West.

beauty salon in France

This is a photograph of a girl threading a customer's eyebrows. Threading is a common method of trimming eye-brows and other facial hair and has been so in India for decades. Even today many salons employ this method. It is a technique that several college girls master to avoid paying at a beauty salon. It requires no equipment...just a strong piece of thread which is used as a scissor.

beautician threading eyebrows

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