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Monday, August 12, 2013

Strikes in Kerala

Strikes and hartals are common in states like Kerala or Bengal. These are some photos I took while we were traveling in Kerala.

A group of people sitting on chairs on the road waving red flags, holding placards and shouting slogans. A common street sight in the Indian state of Kerala which has a communist regime.

people on strike

This man is stopping vehicles (rasta roko) including people in cars with families, and tourist vehicles. The main idea is to harass the ordinary citizen because of some political differences of political parties. We were tourists who had just two days in Kerala. One of these days was entirely wasted. Never again will be visit this state. Stuck without water and food. This does not speak well of communism nor of decency, tourist friendliness or good economics or in fact good sense. It does give visitors a feeling that this is a  banana state.

stopping vehicles for the strike

People are patiently waiting to be let go. Commercial vehicles appear to be resigned to their fate. Interestingly a few vehicles were allowed to go. Probably vehicles belonging to their own party. Shameful.

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