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Monday, August 19, 2013

Indian Couples

Traditional Indian couples stay married forever, relatively speaking. Separation happens, but divorce is rare.

Rural couples plod on. And it's not about conversation so much as doing things together. It is common to see the woman to walk a few steps behind her husband but that does not make her a stay at home housewife. In rural India, the woman often works shoulder to shoulder with her man on the farm.

These are photographs of elderly couples.

This is a couple from Maharashtra, India.

Elderly Indian Rural Couple

A couple from North India.

Poor old couple from Northern India

An old couple. The old man in white and the woman in a green sari.

Husband and wife in ethnic clothes

Another photograph of the same couple. This time the man's face is to the camera.

Old man and wife

A village couple trying to hail a rickshaw.


An elderly Muslim couple from India.

An old Muslim couple

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