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Monday, March 26, 2012

Lake in Ladakh - Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso is a lake in the Himalayas and these are views of the lake from Ladakh in India. It borders not just India  but also Tibet and China. It freezes in winder although it is saline water. Apparently there is no aquatic life here although presence of  birds is seen. A number of migratory birds come here to nest.

These are photographs of the lake with blue skies as the background. The mountains are silhouetted against the sky and the blue waters of the lake are in the foreground. The first picture can be used as a header, as it is a stitched picture of two images, giving a panoramic view of Pangong Tso lake.

panoramic view of Ladakh lake

Snow-capped mountains can be seen in the background. A rough stony lake bank.
snow topped mountains behind ladakh lake

The water is so clear that the pebbles on the river bed are visible. Gray pebbles.
clear blue waters of ladakh lake

In this picture of the Ladakh lake the is a lone motorcyclist riding on the banks of the lake.
ladakh lake and its banks

This is a serene nature scene. The waters of the lake are still. This area is very serene and still
still waters of the Pangong Tso lake

(Larger images of these photos are available with me)

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